Sortie de route

Sortie de route

Paul, fourteen, neglects his studies to spend all his time on his moped, to the consternation of his parents. When his beloved moped disappears, none of his nearest and dearest seem to ...

Paul, fourteen, neglects his studies to spend all his time on his moped, to the consternation of his parents. When his beloved moped disappears, none of his nearest and dearest seem to ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Aaron V (us) wrote: Based on a true story, this group of ordinary folk set out on a trek west to make a new life free from religious persecution. They attempt to cling to faith and family as all goes wrong on the journey. I thought the film was uplifting and sobering. The hardships portrayed make me grateful for the sacrifices made by those who gave everything the had, even their very lives, for the cause they believed in. Be sure to bring Kleenex :)

Damon S (us) wrote: A great film that picks off where the first one left off. It is full of suspense and drama following the student uprising that helped the Resistance fighters in WW2 in the Netherlands. The acting was great, the atrocities were vile, the history was fascinating and overall a great flick about a noble cause. Theological and philosophical conundrums faced the Christians helping the Jews in the face of the Brutality of war. I highly recommend watching this film.

Annie Y (ag) wrote: know more about the event on that day we can see the desparate if people there by that time

SagaciousFrank (us) wrote: 'Rango' is yet another fantastic film that hasn't really received the recognition it deserves. Sure, critically speaking it's been mostly well received, and audiences who've seen it generally appreciate it, yet there are so many people I know who haven't even heard of this wonderfully fun, and grown up, animation flick. The dialogue is taut and snappy between the cast, and Depp's versatile vocal range and nuanced inflections provide the right balance of depth and humour for a charismatic, fast talking, complex and intelligent character suffering from an identity crisis of sorts.The plot is nothing unique or original, in fact it directly pays homage to a number of films and characters - 'Chinatown' and Clint Eastwood/'The Man with No Name' westerns, to name but two - but it's slick, stylish, and professional execution makes it feel fresh. Plus it has an appropriately themed and killer musical soundtrack - ranging from energetic, playful, to ruminative - by none other than Hans Zimmer. I can happily rewafcu this film many times without succumbing to boredom. 5/5*

Mick T (nl) wrote: Mad, lightweight, silly and very British. Not anywhere near as classy as Shaun of The Dead and typical Danny Dyer fayre which should give anyone a good idea of what bang you get for your buck. Effects are passable and there's just enough humour to forgive it for much of it's amateurish quality. Go into it expecting a low grade zombie romp with a few cans of decent beer and you'll be fine for a weekend giggle. If you're after anything more than that, grab something else.

Mlissa A (mx) wrote: Euhhhh....une grosse parodie sur les amricains et par les amricains.....ouin...

Alexander B (mx) wrote: Signs, is one of M. Night Shyamalan best films I've ever seen! With the suspense and creepy music, this film is definitely worth seeing!

Joshua S (us) wrote: has the quality of a made for tv miniseries but it gives an unique look at a different side of WWII

Jayakrishnan R (de) wrote: 85%Saw this on 26/5/16Peckinpah's taut direction and a bravura performance from Hoffaman make this slow moving film about a disjoint couple who are self-indulgent, narrow minded and mostly unlikely for a main stream cinema is most interesting. The film is better than Peckinpah's own The Wild Bunch and its not excessively violent.

Darrin C (nl) wrote: It was good for a drama. I really expected more gang related blood from the director and didn't get it, so it wasn't the movie I thought it would be. But if you're looking for a NY drama with multiple small plots then this is fairly good.