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Sotapoika torrent reviews

C S (fr) wrote: tourture! zzzzzzzz the only action in the movie was the goat jmping out of the tree! A biking movie not to see

Magdalena K (gb) wrote: Certainly the world would be more peaceful if it was not so awfully testosterone-soaked.

Edward B (jp) wrote: Maybe my favorite last scene of a movie I can think of off the top of my head.

Michael H (gb) wrote: not good it didn't seem like a prequel just a stupid movie

Caitlin L (mx) wrote: An interesting take on marriage and its ups and downs.

F B (mx) wrote: A reasonable film but it did feel like it just ambled on with no real grit or direction.

James Y (kr) wrote: wow Dr. Dolittle... 3

Marnie Z (us) wrote: Odd movie. I didn't care for it much. Christina Ricci is good.

Sebastian C (de) wrote: "no lo toquetees cara de mierda"