Soul Kicking

Soul Kicking

Takis is trapped. Takis tries to escape. Takis wants money. He's got a family, a baby, a home... Takis is being cheated. He loves her and he suffers... Takis can't take it at work. He's besieged by savages. But his boss tops them all... Takis has one friend and relatives. Woe is him!... Takis has run out of time. Yet, in his mind, a heavy black cloud has settled, turning everything dark... Takis is silent. He lies down and fills with rage. He fills with rage and sinks deeper...

Takis is trapped. Takis tries to escape. Takis wants money. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Ed H (de) wrote: You really find yourself rooting for the candidates by film's end. As much about ambition, dedication and determination as it is about wine, but foodies and wine lovers will be especially fascinated.

(au) wrote: Even though it shows tremednous potential at starts, "Interview With a Hitman" personally disappoints with lack of character development, predictable story and terrible pacing.

Nicole S (ag) wrote: hate it, horrible and i love scooby-doo even the origional live-action ones

Bethany F (gb) wrote: I admit the CGI in this film wasn't even good enough to be the effects for an N64 video game, but the story was there, and a good story can pull a film out of the shitter right away, especially if it has good acting and awesome cameo's. I feel this film really kept true to the original "Pumpkinhead" I thought the prosthetics for the old women were wonderful, and I really loved how when the corpse of the next "Pumpkinhead" (Ed Harley) was fed the blood of the people seeking vengeanace it first changed into Ed Harley and then into Pumpkinhead, that was a wonderful touch. I liked also that they carried on a character from the first film. "Bud" he was pretty good, but a little dumber than I thought he should have been. Doug Bradley was really good in this film, its rare to find him in a movie you can't automatically stereo type him as.. "Oh look its Doug from Hellraiser" his acting in this film really made this character his own, and I liked that a lot. My only complaints in this film are obviously the CGI and I would have liked something else at the beginning, I thought the blundering right into organ stealing was a bit muddled. Otherwise this movie is awesome!

Keira R (fr) wrote: I heard horrible stuff about this movie, but I kinda liked it. Hugh Jackman can do no wrong, but I really enjoyed the movie. LOVED the little boy who played "Nullah." I thoroughly enjoyed this film. Almost 3 hrs long, but I was riveted....or maybe I'm just an easy audience (and Hugh Jackman is a bonus) :)

Justin A (fr) wrote: This movie has ADHD. It is just all over the place. It's about a rock band that goes to a town where they are murdered, but then come back to life from a song that the band had recorded. Then the town becomes infested with zombies. But in the meantime, random stuff just keeps happening. A dwarf (played by Phil Fondacaro in one of his earliest roles) is running around, a random zombie is eating himself, a girl is dancing in the streets, and Hitler shows up. This sounds like something ripe for so-bad-it's-good, but it's more annoying than charming. The stuff I found most amusing was the terrible editing. Especially with the sound. Instead of ADR-ing some dialogue, they just kept the original recorded dialogue. This isn't always the worst way to go, but it's terrible when there is live music in the background that doesn't sync at all with the music the movie is playing. It's just noise, but it's so bad I actually was laughing. It's not a horrible watch, but you'll likely lose interest quickly. It would make a pretty good movie to have in the background on a Saturday afternoon, but not as much else.

Bashkim U (nl) wrote: The most ridiculous rating I've ever seen. I trusted you rottentomatoes!