Soul Kitchen

Soul Kitchen

SOUL KITCHEN film centers on a likable but hopelessly disorganized restauranteur, Zinos, whose cafe is second home to a motley crew of lovable eccentrics. When his girlfriend Nadine up and moves to Shanghai, a love-sick Zinos decides to fly after her, leaving his restaurant in the hands of his unreliable ex-con brother Illias. Both decisions turn out disastrous: Illias gambles away the restaurant to a shady real estate agent, and Zinos finds Nadine with a new lover. If the brothers can stop arguing and get it together, the Soul Kitchen might still have one last chance at staying in business. The mayhem that follows is a hilariously entertaining story of self-realization, set to an irresistibly soulful soundtrack.

In Hamburg, German-Greek chef Zinos unknowingly disturbs the peace in his locals-only restaurant by hiring a more talented chef. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Stuart P (de) wrote: A smart and funny look into the world of improv and the people who inhabit it.

Joan B (au) wrote: this movie made me realize that liberals ruin society and war is good and W. is the best president of all time

Dorothy I (nl) wrote: Great funny chick flick if you can stand the subtitles. And yes it is your typical romance, but I thought it was fabulous. If you like SYTYCD you would probably like this.

Saban E (fr) wrote: Similar to Battlestar Galactica: Razor, BSG: The Plan is a few episodes put together and not a stand alone movie.

Charlie G (gb) wrote: Rather entertaining. Ridiculous in places.

Michael S (au) wrote: Rare misfire from John Sayles.

Yuri B (br) wrote: Couldn't wait to see this movie when it came out on DVD... & I SOOOO... was not disappointed... I think everyone should see this movie at least once... you come away from it learning a little bit more about how religion affects individuals & society in small town America.

Bill F (au) wrote: Always a Beautiful Story. A real tearjerker. a Movie that I love to watch over and over.

GreekCthulhu m (br) wrote: full of cliche, chick flick or not, i liked this movie a lot. maybe it was the romantic youth who make me dream and want a love like that. Still i like this movie..

Axel R (fr) wrote: This movie is horrible and not in a good way. The plot makes no sense

Michael O (ca) wrote: Robert Downey Sr. is the closest any American filmmaker has gotten to Luis Buuel's zany, restless, unadulterated, high-brow sense of satirical surrealism. I can't help escaping this film is so visionary that it's like an allegory for the Obama administration was made decades before it ever came to be. This is some solid directing here with ethereal visual passages and bursts of comedic power. Rarely have I seen a movie that's entertaining every second it appears on the screen without accident or concept just merely for being so amazingly well imagined.

Sarfara A (kr) wrote: Drums Along the Mohawk produced by pioneer Darryl F. Zanuck, directed by John Ford (Stagecoach). Starring legendary Henry Fonda, legendary Claudette Colbert and Edna May Oliver (the standout in the film playing wealthy widow who owns vast farm), Ward Bond (The Searchers), Chief John Big Tree (the hilarious character - when all acted seriously), Russell Simpson. Film is based on the novel of same name by Walter D. Edmonds. This is first color film by John Ford, and so was for Claudette Colbert. Made over the budget of $2 million. Film was nominated for two Academy Awards, namely, Best Supporting Actress for Edna May Oliver, and Best Cinematography. Set in 1776 - during American Revolution on the Albany, New York frontier - Gilbert (Henry Fonda) and Lana (Claudette Colbert) are newlywed couple heading to start their new life at Deerfield at Mohawk Valley. But they are ambushed by Indians and British ; as their house is burnt to ashes. Fabulous photography as well as direction (John Ford) - Film begins mildly, and by caressing your brain with its simple and doable characters, all of whom gave their true dedication of acting (especially the Indian on-the-side-with-Americans / the priest / and other meadow-owners). I shall not tackle the matter of acting; as much as I would like to touch the subject of creating an atmosphere that was complete mastery - and all that credit goes to the crew involved in fabricating that small set-designing.

Joshua C (nl) wrote: This movie surprised me. I really enjoyed it. I am starting to like Jennifer Lawrence a lot.