Soul on a String

Soul on a String

After discovering a sacred stone in the mouth of a deer he just killed, Taibei, a young lonesome Tibetan cowboy, embarks on a long and difficult mission: to bring it back to the holy mountain of Buddha’s handprint. His journey turns sour as an obstinate woman, Joan, and a psychic yet dumb elf, Pu, soon decide to join him. Not to mention the two violent brothers on his tale, who are on a revenge quest.

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Daniel B (ru) wrote: Excellently made, expanding on the idea of Romain's "born free" video for MIA, but feels clunky and overexplored at times

Adam W (it) wrote: Another De Niro/Pacino film and another dud.Don't get me wrong the duo are pretty good on screen with De Niro edging it for me but the script is so dull.Its a basic script that you'd usually see on a T.V. crimeshow that gets wrapped up within an hour but this is nearly 2 hours and bores the shit out of you..

Steve G (br) wrote: An OK but definitely not great vampire film from Sweden, not nearly in the same league as Let The Right One In. The plot setup is pretty long and way too obvious and in the end its got nowhere to go so it just sort of ends. Parts even seem disjointed like they were developed but ended up on the cutting room floor. Its got a few decent scenes though - girl takes vampire boyfriend to meet parents. Watch it if you really like Vampire films.

Julian B (kr) wrote: This movie is a very powerful and important film. It provides a message and story like no other. Remember that crazy, religious fanatic suicide bomber? Think again. As a society an image can be given to some very sensitive political topics through the media. We are exposed to one side of the story. Do not get me wrong, I do not condone suicide bombing or any type of bombing. All I'm saying is to see another insight to the faceless mask provided by the media on the topic of suicide bombing. We as a people forget how comfortable our lives are. That is not the situation in many other parts of the world. People are dying for democracy/freedom in many places especially the Middle East. There are massacres in Syria with children being killed. A merchant had to set himself on fire to provide the fire to give the spark to get out of the tyrant's grip. We do nothing about it. I'm not saying we can because its not such a simple situation its politics. We have mansion-like embassies in some of the poorest countries in the world. We fail to see the revolution that is being started everywhere. We also do not see some very horrendous situations in the world. Somalian starvation, the situation in Sudan, the European economy falling apart. I think this can be a wake-up call to some. This movies moves deeply into a mind of a suicide bomber. It shows that some of these people are in a very hard situation and may not be all that evil as we think. Maybe it means we need to change something about ourselves. This is a story from the other side. No media. Everyone should see this. It is powerful and unsettling.

Private U (ag) wrote: Esperaba un poco mas de esta cinta. Se queda corta en actuaciones y quizas lo unico que resalta es el montaje.

Shannon B (fr) wrote: Remember seeing it on HBO a long time ago, and I love it!

Allan C (it) wrote: Cheh Chang directs another solid bit of Hong Kong martial arts action in this story about a group of violent criminals take over a town until the heroic savage five decide to stand up to them. The story here feels a bit more like a western than most Hong Kong tales of protecting Shaolin Temples or avenging the death of a master, so the story is refreshingly different. The film also features some gunplay, which you don't get very often in 1970s martial arts action flicks. On the downside, this film doesn't have the usual big spectacular set pieces you usually get in director Chex Chang's films, but the action is still quite book and absolutely worth watching.

Larissa N (jp) wrote: a good swingin' 60s struggling-overweight-girl torn-in-life film w/ a catchy title tune.

Sandrine M (br) wrote: This film turned me away from religion even more. Both the catholics and protestants closed their ears to what happened in the concentration camps. A terrible movie on a terrible episode of the second world war.

Peter H (br) wrote: This is one of those films that's so bad, it's good.

Trouble B (au) wrote: Stylish and mesmerising

Jen M (us) wrote: Pretty funny Robin Williams is like the kids version of National Lampoon's Vacation. 8+

Dylan K (nl) wrote: this family movie is actually one I would that I would recommend hell is even worth watching just to see how the title character looks at the end.