Soul Survivors

Soul Survivors

A female collage co-ed freshman who was involved in a fatal car crash discovers she may not have survived the tragedy after all when she becomes caught between the world of the living and the dead A sort of limbo state of being between both the real and the spirit worlds in which the ghosts of the afterlife want to collect her, or even worse, use her body in its transition state to enter our world

A co-ed is caught between the world of the living and the dead. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Angel D (de) wrote: interesting that a movie I wonder if it's like that for real

Hunter S (kr) wrote: Loved the film as a kid.

arron s (gb) wrote: i want to see this film but u can't get it in england on pel formet region 2

Andrew S (kr) wrote: One of the worst movies in modern day cinema, and that's saying a lot. Every word out of Kattan's mouth kills the art of comedy a little more. Those who enjoyed Corky Romano either don't care what their watching, or have the brain capacity of a preteen

Aroon K (ag) wrote: There's actually some sharp observations here of cult behavior and militant radical group dynamics. It's just hidden under layers upon layers of guts and depravity.

Jacky L (gb) wrote: really sucked that the subtitles were quite shitty and not in sync. Dark Habits ain't for the easily offended but one can't deny it was quite quite a hoot!

James H (fr) wrote: Entertaining, but not quite as good as some of the other spoofs from the time. George Hamilton is good. Enjoyable.

Jason M (ru) wrote: Brilliant!! Classic 70's-era sci-fi rip-off featuring a story lifted from The Seven Samurai, characters and effects lifted from every space flick of the day, and Cybil Danning's boobs lifted up to her chin. James Horners score is actually quite good, and the sets are filled with blinking toggle-switch-y goodness.

Davey M (ag) wrote: Rankin and Bass's only feature-length, theatrically released stop-motion film was this wacky and surprisingly edgy send-up of classic Hollywood horror (specifically the Universal canon), with typically delicious design and animation, a script full of alternately hilarious and hilariously groan-inducing puns and gags (it feels like a direct descendent of the Marx brothers in all the best ways), a couple of pretty awful songs, and, of course, Karloff's exquisite voice. Great, ghoulish Halloweeney fun.

Jamie C (es) wrote: Enjoyed it just too slow for me great villian but nothing greatly new or funny.

JB R (us) wrote: Preminger's last film for Fox is a sizzling noir that is paced perfectly and holds up incredibly well. Dana Andrews is stellar in the lead, a cop who can't escape his demons. The camera work on location in NYC adds a lot of authenticity but it is balanced with Preminger's delicate direction. There are some great twists in the script by Ben Hecht, though it is all a bit unbelievable. A gritty companion masterpiece to Preminger's "Laura".

Andrew O (mx) wrote: Entertaining and fascinating not just as a film experiment, but as a film itself.

Tim S (ca) wrote: This trash cinema classic was an early staple of VHS splatterfests, and even though it's definitely a dated film, the entertainment value still holds up. Basket Case is not just a horror film, it's sort of an amalgam of different things. It has some nice gory moments, some strange horrific scenes, an odd brother-to-brother relationship and also some great smile-inducing stop motion animation. It was shot for next to nothing and it really shows. Despite its lacking of financial resources, the film is fun and entertaining if you're in the mood for something strange or just different. It's hard to curry sympathy for a guy who basically is a willing accessory to murder, but somehow Frank Henenlotter pulled it off. It has two sequels, and as of this writing, I haven't seen any of them but since they were all directed by the same man, I wouldn't mind checking them out sometime. Definitely see it if you're a fan of Frankenhooker, or if you just want something less tasteful.

Alex C (ca) wrote: The topic of race is way more complicated than the average person is willing to understand or that the media portrays. This film does a perfect job of capturing and poking fun at just that. No spot is left unpoked. Highly recommend.

Mohammed A (br) wrote: It's good movie to watch

Jenna S (fr) wrote: The dancing was the only good thing about it.

Ted W (it) wrote: Worst superman movie of all time even though I hate Henry Cavill as superman this movie just flat out sucks and terrible. It's pretty much the same movie, the first one but with the same terrible effects but this time star wars has come out, the first one and that had the best effects at the time. This movie has the worst effects of all time for a superman movie. This is pretty much a remake of the first movie but with the same people but lex luthor breaks out of jail but wait that happened in this movie. Fine the only thing is that superman is into politics and theirs a new hot girl but wait a minute their was one in the last movie Lana. Fudge this movie, it sucks because it's the same superman movie over and over again.

Stig H (ru) wrote: Great performance from Jeff Bridges. Best "drunk" actor ever!