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Hoddie C (ca) wrote: The true story of Joyce Vincent found dead in her bedsit for 3 years with the TV on isn't a forgettable one; but why was she forgotten and so neglected, dying alone at 39? An interesting film but leaves you with more questions than answers, if anything a deserved obituary from close friends who clearly are bamboozled at how she slipped thru the cracks of society. Quite tragic.

Shon W (kr) wrote: I expected there to be some conflict as a result of what this couple did, otherwise why make a film about it? But my disappointment came from the thought that the type of honest, open, happy couple they introduced in the beginning broke so far from character near the end, where they fell into this deep funk full of lies and pettiness. The result isn't unexpected from a common monogamous couple, but I felt like I was promised a couple in the beginning that might be able to deal with this issue better than they did, and I think the film was just preaching to me. Poly couples should probably save themselves this stomach ache.

Jerky S (ru) wrote: An delightful tale of young soul in conflict between family and love, Solito's "...Maximo Oliveros" touches a delicate subject with earnest subtlety and tact, crafting one of the brightest Filipino films.

William S (kr) wrote: The humour was decent, I guess.

Ashley T (fr) wrote: Didn't do much for me. Too bad, I usually really like Scandinavian films.

Mark A (br) wrote: A very misleading title and cover art. This turned out to be about a young woman, Kat (Dominique Swain), trying to fit in at her exclusive private school in NYC. The crowd she runs with can be very fickle; the boys are out to get what they can and the girls are quite catty. Kat's best friend, Delilah (Bijou Phillips) is a real rebel and circumstances cause them to part ways at a critical juncture in both their lives. Kat looks for acceptance everywhere and thinks she finds it in the arms of a dangerous young man. Tragedy ensues and lives are forever changed and some are destroyed. This was well done with several fine performances. Kat's mother, played by Alberta Watson, was especially finely turned. The conflicts between a mother who wants what is best for her child and can't afford it and the young woman longing to find her place in an uncaring world was, for this viewer the glue that held this together. Look beyond the surface. What you find may be frightening, but ultimately will serve to assist in the eternal search for significance. Family is sometimes the only safe harbor. A surprising four stars.

Jeff B (de) wrote: A great movie, one that I remember watching as a child. The children were great characters, and the story behind it was fantastic. I loved Sampson the turtle! However it could have moved faster than it did. A definite must-see for Drama fans.

Al M (mx) wrote: If the title puts you off, then certainly don't watch this film. If, however, you are willing to accept the premises implicit in the title, then you just might enjoy this craptastic little horror film that features bad acting, poor storytelling, etc. but manages to be hilarious and engaging throughout. Pure crap through and through, Death Bed manages to still be a surrealistic, bizarre, and completely original horror film that certainly won't provoke any real thought but will leave you laughing throughout.

Greg B (de) wrote: really enjoyed this movie. And who cares how long a movie is when it's filled with great actors giving great performances? The length didn't bother me at all.

Dave S (au) wrote: Overlong and sort of plotless, but also mostly adorable. There's a great sort of easygoing camaraderie on display here, and it works wonders for the banter but it's the same thing that drags down the musical numbers. It seems like all of the leads were instructed to perform their songs in character, so rather than aiming for their Broadway best the songs are full of little tics, sing-talking, and tossed-off delivery that can be charming in small doses but here add up to an overall sense that these people aren't qualified to be in a musical. It doesn't help that the Cole Porter songs are kind of sing-songy in the first place and aren't all particularly well-chosen or placed here. Even with all those marks against it, the movie is a lot of fun if you're in the mood, and it doesn't deserve the savage reviews it received at the time.

Carlos M (it) wrote: Kubrick's best depiction of the brutal and dehumanizing face of war, it not only offers excellent performances, an exquisite cinematography and an intensely absorbing dialogue, but ends with an especially beautiful (and thought-provoking) last scene.

Sandra D (ca) wrote: Could David Carradine BE any cooler?! I was pissed that Christopher Lee was billed as "leading roll" I expected to see that bitch doing kung fu - and I'll give it away - he's only in for about five minutes. Effing lame. Not a great flick... not all that campy... I'd pair this more with seventies sci-fi type things like Conan or Red Sonja than I would kung-fu (but that's probably just me drawing to So-Cal settings).

Candice F (fr) wrote: This movie is absolutely nothing! I have loved jaws and was excited to see this one but a shark that follows the Brody family to the Bahamas is the worst plot I have ever heard and It was the most disappointing thing ever.