Soulja Boy: The Movie

Soulja Boy: The Movie

The young and charismatic yet polarizing entrepreneur offers an all access glimpse into his life, his music, and his fascinating career.

The young and charismatic yet polarizing entrepreneur offers an all access glimpse into his life, his music, and his fascinating career. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


Soulja Boy: The Movie torrent reviews

jason a (br) wrote: One of my favorite GMC movies! It is very heartwarming.

Pete S (ag) wrote: The Return is routine in its depiction of a waifish young woman surrounded by men with predatory qualities.

Daniel D (br) wrote: Because of this film, I've discovered a new person that I want to learn more of - Dr. Amit Goswami. I think he and I have a lot in common, and no that doesn't mean that I consider myself some kind of genius in the realms of theoretical quantum physics. What I admire about Dr. Goswami is his search for spiritual truth using the physical and material as catalysts. It's metaphysics with substance, or spiritual science. It is interesting to note that quantum mechanics is a subjective science. Researchers are discovering that things at the quantum level behave differently based on how they are observed. This totally coincides with my belief that personal experience trumps scripture. God is relative to the person seeking his/her/its knowledge. That Dr. Goswami has pursued this as part of his scientific career is very inspiring. Looking forward to learning more.

Ian E (ca) wrote: "Infamous" has a sharp angle of approach in detailing the story of its subject and the result is a heartbreaking and multi-layered film that treats its material sensitively.

Mikeshiaya L (it) wrote: diz mii damn movie rite here

Paul L (ca) wrote: This is a fantastic film, I just loved it from beginning to end. Watch it over and over!

Mike T (ru) wrote: A slightly unfocused documentary, but as a fan of the subject, I found it appealing anyway. There are great moments in some of the archive footage and interviews.

Carlo A (ru) wrote: grottesco e inquietante come il romanzo da cui tratto. La critica lo definisce "terribile e divertente"... cos!

Isabelle W (jp) wrote: Maravilhoso pouco pra esse filme. Baseado no roteiro de uma pea, um filme de atuaes bem teatrais, dramticas, e muito boas. Sobre um menino que cega vrios cavalos e passa a ser tratado por um psiquiatra. No posso falar mais, seno estraga.

Scott R (mx) wrote: The struggle for teenage identity. A great film.

Jim H (es) wrote: An "everyman" inherits a fortune but is surprised by the culture of his upper class peers.Frank Capra must have had the most simplistic ideas about wealth and morality. Between this film and You Can't Take It with You, Capra's economic philosophy must begin and end with "Money makes you bad." This is not to say that Capra believes money is corrupting force, but to say that Capra's films imply that anyone pursuing wealth must do so at the expense of his/her soul. But even Capra's construction of the "everyman" is problematic because Gary Cooper's character, while basically decent, is a bit of an asshole. He goes around punching people or threatening violence because he believes a good swift knock is the best way to clean someone's clock. Mr. Deeds might be a swell guy, but by golly, don't cross him.Overall, Capra, one of Hollywood's classic filmmakers, is overrated

Viktor N (es) wrote: The same story as before, and as always, the cgi doesn't get much budget. It was ok if it would have been made in the 80's but now we expect more.