There's a guy who likes a girl who keeps vomiting up parasitic alien egg sacks who needs to be saved by two incompetent FBI agents who can't spell "incompetent FBI agents" who never fail to remind the fearful civilians of the impending ambiguous doom! Written by Ryan Humphries

There's a guy who likes a girl who keeps vomiting up parasitic alien egg sacks who needs to be saved by two incompetent FBI agents who can't spell "incompetent FBI agents" who never fail to... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Rob M (ca) wrote: Funny this is, made me laugh it did...5 outta 5 stars...ooteenie!!

Liam J (kr) wrote: A beautiful journey of love, life and the inevitable death.

Alonso A (ru) wrote: Offbeat, darkly hilarious, somewhat absurdist and surreal, but at all times full of charm and heart. If Todd Solondz met Spike Jonze.

MARIJA D (jp) wrote: this is like TOTAL *Lunch* style !and EVEN BETTER : because there are no mixed up stories and several versions etc, but one story and another one - is metaphor - just to explain better :) Pretty interesting and unusual movie :)

Jonathan G (de) wrote: This documentary should keep you interested whether you care anything about skateboarding or not. A sad true story of a young skateboard legend, who along with Tony Hawk ruled the sport from its crux. He gradually lost control of his life in the midst of all the fame, drugs, alcohol, women, and his ever-changing new sport. He made one additional really bad choice. If you love documentaries or the skate/punk scene, you've gotta check this one out. It's full of tons of original skate footage and interviews and gives a great glimpse of an era.

Brijesh P (au) wrote: Believable performance by Russell Crowe and like it had a bit of edge in interaction with Meg Ryan's character

Solly S (us) wrote: cheesy sequel with a more ''comedic'' approach

Matt M (it) wrote: Given Bukowski's involvement as the writer of the film based on his semi-autobiographical short story, this film can't help but come across as disappointing for its dishonesty and unappealing lukewarm approach.

Robert H (ca) wrote: Shock Treatment while being an interesting and fun film to watch, misses being a proper sequel to RHPS completely. Sure you get returning actors, some returning characters and it's still full of music but the scene isn't explained. It's as if everyone seemingly lives in this television station and its programs and without the film starting outside of this world, you don't get any kind of grounding in reality. Add the fact that the songs aren't nearly as good or memorable as RHPS and tend to lean towards a very similar style throughout (this goes for sets and costumes as well) giving the film a tired feeling very early. And our new Janet doesn't really share much with our old Janet so having the apparent continuation of RHPS into this film just doesn't work as well as it should. This seems like a completely different world and characters despite the kooky and zany appearance. Still, the film is a lot of fun and quite enjoyable on its own... but it will forever lie in the shadows of its predecessor

Pat H (au) wrote: Artsy-Fartsy Nouvelle Vague Wannabe. I couldn't make heads or tails of it.

Jules W (jp) wrote: arent all his movies the spice world of the 60s?

Zoran S (nl) wrote: It has some cheesy moments, such as when Dillinger magically escapes from jail by carving a wooden gun and painting it black with shoe polish. Still, it's a short, effective, and unsentimental film.

Stahl M (ag) wrote: Weak... Slaine was the only one who delivered...

Charles S (es) wrote: messy and depressing.. in a weirdly good way