Sous les jupes des filles

Sous les jupes des filles

A story about 11 women living in Paris. Each of them has her own problems: career, love life, children. Every woman has her complexes and virtues. They always look elegant, hiding their ...

A story about 11 girls living in Paris. Each of them has its own problems: career, love life, children. Every girl has their complexes and virtues. They always look elegant, hiding their ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Sarfara A (us) wrote: I think, I have watched one of excellent/overlooked movies from the year 2011. Directed by Mike Ott, this dynamic plot explores an amazing journey of two Japanese brothers and sisters, who are visiting western portion of Southern California in United States, more accurately they are on the expedition to see the name of their grandfather at Manzanar (site of Japanese-American who were camped there during WWII). When I started watching it, I kept looking at it and forgot I'd had cold-drink with me. I do not wish to sound say that movie should have broken record, had not it not been considered one of overlooked movies; however all I want to say is that, this film deserves an screening by all mates out there. It has got fabulous cinematography; good editing.

David L (fr) wrote: What do you get if you bring all the bad ass action heroes into one movie? Answer is the expendables, a very watchable movie. The trouble is, with so many a-listers in one place, it's difficult to kill any of them off as they're all so used to playing the sole surviving victor. Having not watched a great deal of the films these guys star in, some of the names were less familiar to me, but despite being several different faces on screen, they all share an identical personality, with deep voices, bodies dosed up with steroids, and bitches always by their side. It's kind of like a macho version of bond, with less jokes, less cheese, but more violence. It's very mafia like, and about the only thing it is missing is Robert De Niro and Al Pacino. Having said that, there was one very corny scene with Terminator and Rambo in that became quite cringeworthy when it made references to Presidency and living life in the jungle, but I'll put that down to butch actors just attempting showing their witty side as a one off. Other than that, it was raw brute against brute in a beefcake fest to the death. It did well to give each star a good amount of screen time, with a great showcase of combat moves from wrestling to Kung fu. I'm surprised at how much I actually enjoyed this as I thought it would be all braun and no brains behind its direction, yet it kept me engaged throughout. Whether the movie itself was big enough to be labelled a success is debatable as I imagine it would have had to have taken a substantial amount of returns to fund the actors wages in this. Nevertheless, with my leisure head on as opposed to my business mind, this was a pretty recommendable production, where I would be only too happy to see the sequel.

Zainab P (de) wrote: not my kinda movie....its lil freaky

Matthew H (gb) wrote: "Trying too hard to be clever in a Pulp Fiction kind of way."Uh, no? It wasn't trying too hard, the clever parts are objectively clever, and it's nothing like Pulp Fiction. Learn to review better, please.

Ben L (ru) wrote: Black Hawk Down is a gritty, intense, and graphic depiction of the 1993 Battle of Mogadishu. I've seen my fair share of war movies in the past few months, and this was one that felt extremely authentic. I appreciate how much effort they put into making it realistic, and I thought the presentation of the overwhelming amount of opposition they faced was done well. You felt like the odds were heavily stacked against these soldiers, and that made the entire thing harrowing. For two and a half hours we watch as dozens and dozens of now-famous actors run around, fire guns, and shout at one another. It's such an unrelenting assault on the senses that I did not get to know the characters names let alone their personalities. I was constantly thinking of them solely as the actor who played them. In addition, the frenetic nature of the action made it difficult to figure out where people were within the city and in relation to one another. Perhaps the darkest part of this film is how it dehumanizes the Somali people. In many ways I felt like I was watching a zombie movie or something like that, considering how mindlessly evil they made the enemy. It was to the point that you are expected to cheer when the helicopters swoop in and start slaughtering dozens of men with each sweep. Then they plaster the numbers at the end of total lives lost and we see the relatively small number of American deaths and the massive number of Somali deaths, and I just find myself wondering why they are even counting their deaths considering how glorious they made the deaths appear in the movie. It's still a well-made film, and I was definitely not bored by it, but I wish they made some different choices in the way the story was told.

Colm M (au) wrote: Want to know whats really going on in Mexico? Viva la Zapatistas! Completely infuriating and inspiring all at once.

BeReal M (br) wrote: Good movie for a good laugh. Jason Lee (Banky Ewards) is funny when he and Alyssa Jones (Joey Adams) discuss how women need to provide directions to their partner during oral sex in order for it to be effective. Banky is so "zero" telling Alyssa that he always notices the blank look on girls' faces when he is hammering them. He is also a gas when he and Ben Affleck (Holden McNeil) talk about his collection of 30 porno magazines he packed for a trip. It's his material for beating-off; he likes variety. It's crude humor but funny.The movie runs through the gamut of emotions when one finds out that a new girlfriend (boyfriend) straight-up tells a lie about her (his) sexual history. And, the emotional pain and anger when one finds out through a friend's inquiry that that history including experiences (as in more than once) with multiple partners at the same time. It's the lying that cost Alyssa the only man she loved even though her history is almost 10 years old. She tells Holden that he is the only man she ever had sex with, having him believe that he "saved her" from being a lesbian since high school. Banky finds out through a mutual friend that Alyssa's nickname in high school was "finger cuffs" and has possession of the yearbook for proof. Holden loses the love of his life because he cannot accept Alyssa's grandiose, experimental sexual experiences. He feels too small and insecure. (Of course, if he were the instigator of same, his opinions would be quite different!) In spite of the sane advice from two people, Holden acts out in anger and proposes to Alyssa that she has sex with him and Banky. He tried to even the score only to have it back fire. His skull (ego) is so thick that he is totally blind to the fact that Alyssa's past is her past, and is not something in her current range of preferences. Before leaving Holden's apartment, she slaps his face and tells him "I'm not your whore!" Not an unusual reaction, but surely one that made reconciliation more difficult. The end of the movie does not ensure reconciliation on any grounds. Banky and Holden are no longer buddies. Banky produces the final edition of their comic and sells it at a show a year later. That seems like a huge loss for the team to break up over a girl. Holden overreacted when he told Banky in front of Alyssa that Banky had homosexual feelings toward him. It did not occur to Holden that platonic love is possible. Oh boy, what a mess in the love-romance department! There were casualties in this movie, for sure!It's nice to have a movie that deals with difficult life issues in the realms of sex, sexuality, relationships, friendship, love, etc. It lends some objectivity to this type of human conflict. It may or may not help answer questions such as: How and when does one reveal such a history? Is it necessary to reveal anything that is about 10 years old, and is truly only historical? Nevertheless, it's a great mix of comedy and tragedy that's entertaining, without any explicit sex scenes or nudity.

Vadim D (nl) wrote: I finally saw this disaster, and it's just as bad as they say. Geena Davis is just awful, but it's not all her fault with this ridiculous script. Just terrible all around, and not even trashy fun.

Fiona H (kr) wrote: Great romantic comedy with loads of memorable lines. 'My ass is twitching... you people make my ass twitch!' and of course 'fester, fester, fester... rot, rot, rot'

Andr D (it) wrote: El director Richard Donner ("The Omen", "Superman") realiza una cinta muy personal llena de nostalgia sobre la infancia que se atreve a tocar aspectos muy oscuros y delicados como el abuso infantil. Las actuaciones de Elijah wood y Joseph Mazzello son maravillosas y aunque no es el mejor trabajo en la carrera de Donner, la pelicula logra impactar y conmover al espectador.

Tim M (br) wrote: The BEST of the Trancers Series.