South Seas Adventure

South Seas Adventure

Cinerama takes you on a South Seas Adventure to tropical islands set like sparkling jewels in dreamy cerulean waters. Thrill to the lure of sunbrowned, luscious maidens and a paradise of coconut palms, coral strand and blue lagoons. Enchanted South Pacific archipelagos beckon with all the beauty and color of a painter’s palette. Stepping stones in the vast expanse of far-away seas, they promise romance, adventure, excitement—an irresistible blend of fascinating people and exotic places.

The fifth in a series of Cinerama travelogues---and not a Documentary since the vast majority of the film, aside from the scenery, is comprised of fictional stories. The first one involves ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


South Seas Adventure torrent reviews

Randy P (jp) wrote: This is impressively bad. Terrible acting, and I can't express how terrible it is.Poorly directed, poorly written, poorly constructed, and a poorly put together film.Watch this to laugh at these things. It does try to pull itself off as a good film and tries hard. Which makes it even more funnier.

Ericka R (fr) wrote: Kinda confused about the value of this movie, but love the pictures though.

Andrei D (ru) wrote: Un film despre doi oameni care ar vrea si nu prea sa moara si despre cum intre a face si a nu face e un spatiu tare subtire... si despre birdwatching.

Russell B (de) wrote: Excellent doc about the artist Edward Burtynsky. The film follows him as he takes stunning photographs of the effects our industrialized march toward progress is having on our environment. Simultaneously beautiful and eye opening. He does a great job of seducing the viewer into wanting to look at the things most of us would most like to avoid.

Ronnie B (br) wrote: one of the most beautifully shot pieces of pretentious boring crap I've ever seen. huge disappointment.

Sui G (gb) wrote: Probably one of the only movies that I love that doesn't have a love connection in it. It's a great movie, though. A little unbelievable at the end, but whatever.

Goran D (kr) wrote: cool documentary from and about Pope Allan the 1st

Nik M (fr) wrote: La Jetee is a beautifully compiled collage of dark and provocative images and telling a resounding futuristic tale on post-war pessimism; an uncontrollable desire of a return to origins of peace and unending happiness in the past and future, governed by the differing wills of men.

Tatsuhito K (gb) wrote: Just like he did in American History X, director Tony Kaye mercilessly tackles social issues and not give any solutions. After the first 15 minutes, you can already feel that the movie is falling apart by itself, going so many directions all at once. I like the way it was filmed and edited, and Adrien Brody gives a solid performance as a substitute teacher with a dark past. But overall, Detachment lacks depth.

Drake H (ag) wrote: This is the type of movie I wanna write and direct. This had a lot of things I like. Something where it's more character then story. Nice music, some unforgettable sequences, and just a depressing/feel good vibe you get out of this. Overall, really liked it.

Jason V (mx) wrote: A bit slow, a bit light on plot. But well-made, well-acted. And the discomfort level is pretty effective.

Tyler E (ru) wrote: Very interesting insight into an important part of the music industry.