South Solitary

South Solitary

Meredith is a 35 year-old unmarried woman who arrives at a remote lighthouse island 1928 with her uncle the new head keeper.

Set in 1928, Meredith is a 35 year-old unmarried woman who arrives at a remote lighthouse island with her uncle, the new head keeper. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Chris H (ag) wrote: Romantic comedy is a misnomer, though the film has plenty of laughs. It's a character study of a woman with a hard choice between two flawed men.

Michelle T (jp) wrote: Very well acted, thought provoking film with a hopeful message. The lessons and messages were nuanced rather than overplayed or rammed down your throat. Del Toro's performance was fascinating, even as he experienced painful withdrawal. You could read his thoughts with his every nuance. I like seeing Halle Berry in this type of film that shows her acting abilities, and she performed very well.

Jose R (ru) wrote: It's story may be pretty formulaic, but the cast gives great performances making an enjoyable film.

Ha K (mx) wrote: Slow and trying to hard to be emotional i think. Maybe if i was in a more depressed mood i could have enjoyed this. But i ditn't like the other movie this chick done with Polley also.

Virginie D (br) wrote: You really wish this was a better movie!

Kmar R (us) wrote: this movie is the best movie that ever came out of jamaica.. cuz it show the real jamaica and how life is in some sense.

Kyle J (gb) wrote: Simple, yes. False importance, not a chance. You cannot tell the story of the Panthers with just one book let alone one movie; but this is the best attempt. GREAT MOVIE!!!

Chris S (ru) wrote: Silly, 2 movies going on at the same time between a 'kid uncovering his secret superpowers' while evil son of satan kills everyone. Fun though, good ending.

Rosario G (it) wrote: Uproariously irreverent and offensive. Brilliant and blasphemous, equally so.

Michael W (us) wrote: Youth with a history of finding trouble clashes with gang at new high school. Overly drawn out at almost two hours. Spader and Richards are pretty good but this film never really achieves credibility and doesn't relate like a Hughes film.

Kjetil H (fr) wrote: Ganske s stilig og velspilt psykoligisk thriller. 80 talls godbit.

Timothy20 R (kr) wrote: There has never been a romantic film in which I have fully understood both characters, related to both characters, agreed with the motives of both characters, and felt as though they should be together forever. These characters are perfectly imperfect. These two actors have fantastic on-screen-chemistry. This film has stuck with me since its release, I have never felt so close to any film. Thank you, Sam Esmail.

Spencer B (gb) wrote: This is a generous rating. This is what I call the "montage movie" of Harry Potter. They try to condense it so much, that nearly everything seems to be told in montages, or choppily edited scenes. It's still fun to be in the universe, but this one is definitely flawed.

Andrew C (mx) wrote: This is the worst peice of shit I have ever watched I hope that if you enjoy this movie you die in a FuckIng hole

Cory A (fr) wrote: So gross! Peeking through one eye at times. Loved it.

Angela S (jp) wrote: Well I think it's a little funny:) n