Southern Gothic

Southern Gothic

Hazel Fortune works in a strip club in the small Southern town of Redemption. Haunted by the death of his only daughter, Fortune has become a self-destructive, suicidal alcoholic, until he meets Starla Motes. Hazel's downward spiral is interrupted when is befriended by Starlas daughter, Hope. But when Hope is kidnapped by Enoch Pitt, a ruthless, psychotic preacher on a bloody crusade, Hazel must make the decision to rejoin the living and risk life and limb to save her from a terrible end.

A man who must atone for a tragic mistake by saving a little girl from a ruthless, undead preacher. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Jack H (us) wrote: haven't heard of it yet

Carol G (jp) wrote: This was a very well told. thoughtful tale that had heart as well as interesting characters and storyline. Bravo for not relying on razzle-dazzle alone to create a satisfying movie experience. I enjoyed the depth of emotion, vulnerability and development that Jaden Smith brought to his role. Definitely not jumping on the hater bandwagon.....

Daisy M (mx) wrote: very sad story. almost felt similar to lilja 4-ever. the end felt rushed but overall great and the acting was excellent.

Sim M (mx) wrote: creepy b-grade romantic horror that has good twists and different elements; serial killers, possession, suspended animation, blood, gore and a healthy measure of looove

Toni S (br) wrote: Spends more time trying to be a biopic about Uschi Obermaier than exploring the truly exciting circumstances surrounding her life. More context on Kommune 1, the Stones on the road, and Western hippies in India could have made this a better film.

Janson S (mx) wrote: Can you believe I saw this in the theater? Wow.

Matt W (ca) wrote: One of the best films ever made.

James G (de) wrote: The Burbs is one of the funniest Cult Classics I've ever seen, I really don't get the Tomatometer giving it only 47%

Jean J (jp) wrote: I saw this on TV last night (1-6-2015) and was shocked at how great it was and I had never heard of this. Based on a true story was the thing that caught my eye, and this movie is so worth seeing. Hard to imagine these things happen and that some do not have a conscience and could do this to their own

Kevin H (br) wrote: A visually stunning documentary that does something unique in the sense that there is little to no narrative at all. Instead Ichikawa concerns himself with the visualization of athletics and athletes, capturing the thrill of victory and the agony of defeat as no documentary has done before or since. Highly recommended for doc fans.

Vincent T (de) wrote: "L'antre de la folie", ce film de Carpenter toujours aussi particulier toujours aussi bon a voir avec un Sam Neill comme on le verra pas deux fois dans sa carriere.

Kerrie C (au) wrote: Not too bad. Passed an hour or so.