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Giovanni M (gb) wrote: The film never dives into the deep end, but it's still an enjoyable romantic comedy with a stellar cast.

mari a (gb) wrote: worst movie of my life

N DEEZY A (gb) wrote: it was good kept me interested for awhile

Neil K (gb) wrote: Great, funny movie that is still has some edge to it.

Ida K (mx) wrote: This is the childhood of the 'Biloxi Blues'character Eugene Morris Jerome (who was always writing in his diary). This movie was ok but I preferred 'Biloxi Blues' better.

Marissa H (jp) wrote: A MUST WATCH! Alan Turing was such a fantastic genius, who deserves 100x more credit than he gets.My heart just breaks when I think what the British Government did to him. I won't say anymore just incase you don't know Alan Turing's story. I think this film should be shown in all classrooms, especially in the UK.

Leslie R (fr) wrote: Well that was different, but she shouldn't have taken him back. Once a cheater always a cheater.

Nerissa Y (fr) wrote: A good way to learn the history from this angle. Good acting!