Space Transformer

Space Transformer

When a space renegade, Tonga, threatens the Earth, a crew of shrunken people and robots must be injected into the comatose body of the only girl who can direct a successful counterattack.

When a space renegade, Tonga, threatens the Earth, a crew of shrunken people and robots must be injected into the comatose body of the only girl who can direct a successful counterattack. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Brian C (de) wrote: Really liked this movie

Walter M (kr) wrote: To its credit, this documentary is not so much interested in the details of the personal life and long career of Henri Cartier-Bresson, photojournalist, but in what makes a great photographer.(Although you can infer some of the details from the photographs on display.) Basically, it comes down to framing a shot and timing, not only being in the right place at the right time(he was visiting Gandhi right before he was assassinated, so he was in a perfect position to record the country's reaction), but also to take the photograph at precisely the right time to capture that moment that would have otherwise been lost to eternity. With portraits, he has never posed his subjects, again waiting for that magic moment, as Isabelle Huppert and Arthur Miller testify to. At the time of this documentary, Cartier-Bresson is content to stand still in one place for a change and work on his painting.

Ares J (nl) wrote: A horror movie that delivers on many levels. Perhaps over looked by many but if you give this movie the time of day you will most likely be surprised. Acting not being the strongest point just to give some constructive criticism. Other then that the cinematography, scares, and just the general feel make for an impressive original horror character that deff could use some more exposure. Give this hidden gem a chance.

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Pavan R (au) wrote: Quite an intense movie about the great Picasso...though was more about his relationships and the emotional slaves he made of women..quite strange how women continually got entangled though

Shawn W (us) wrote: Waste of a good premise about a reluctant young Japanese man in Iceland to give traditional funeral rites for his parents. Nice end spoiled long before by a long string of senseless wacky characters including a couple who argue using hand puppets.

Marjorie C (jp) wrote: Under-exposed sleeper with great dialogue, such as "Honey, I'm about to cloud up and rain all over you". Quentin Tarentino explaining Top Gun at a party is the best scene in the movie.

Christian R (nl) wrote: This movie is worth the find. Very interesting info on how people get roped into cults.

Danielle T (au) wrote: I thought it was a beautiful love story with Passion.

John R (gb) wrote: I can't give this movie a high rating even though I love it. Stupid and corny, the way i like it. Terrence hill and Ernest Borgnine are the perfect duo!

Eric B (us) wrote: Walter Matthau as Charley Varrick. I knew him as a grumpy funny old man, but here, he's playing a seasoned bank robber who has no qualms of killing. He's the dirty harry of bank robbers. An entertaining little film from the seventies.

jackson m (jp) wrote: Despite gaining less interest than the directors other films, "The Trouble With Harry" is among Hitchcock's best. A black comedy that not only pushes the envelope through Hitchcock's daring sexual innuendos, but also through its audacious attempt to display the benefits of having a dead body (especially when you consider the films historical context).

Brad S (it) wrote: Only my 2nd time watching this film, and I enjoyed it. Really just a b-movie, elevated by the talent and charisma of Bruce Lee. The film is very much of it's time, but it's a fun film with some decent support from John Saxon and Jim Kelly. This is a must for any Martial Arts fans!

Brian L (mx) wrote: I thought this was an interesting movie. It wasn't a pure comedy and that may turn some people off to it, but overall it has a lot of heart, a very interesting concept, and a genuinely wacky vibe. Bill Murray plays an interesting and eccentric caricature of the fast-talking LA music agent and is an absurd and entertaining diversion from the dreariness of the movie's presentation of Afghanistan. Bruce Willis is an entertaining straight man to Murray's over-the-top deal-making habits and has some sharp one liners that got laughts out of me, even as our characters were approaching what felt like very real threats of death.The story is built on a strong, positive message about affecting genuine change in a part of the world that needs hope. It's understandably not the biggest box office success, but if you're bored and want to see something positive that centers around music, give this a watch.

Matt B (us) wrote: One of the greatest movies ever made. Boys Don't Cry is a harrowing, powerfully tragic true story of a man stuck in a woman's body trying to be himself. Hilary Swank and Chlo Sevigny (who was unfairly snubbed an Oscar for Best Supporting Actress at the Academy Awards) are phenomenal.The movie is brutal to a fault and very hard to watch (hell, the MPAA originally gave it an NC-17), but it's necessary viewing. It shows hate crime for what it really is and Kimberly Peirce fearlessly depicts it in the most truthful way.

Kyle G (ru) wrote: Amazing adaptation of Wallace's tender and brilliant words. I can't think of a more challenging, fun, crazy source material -- or one that's so eminently ready for translation into film. Though it sometimes slips into wonky abstraction, with static-seeming sociologizing and erratic what-women-want musings, the core of this movie has a cool, low-key charm and a creative fervor. It blends thoughtful drama and exciting comedy in a patient, always quirky way. There are reverent scenes within scenes, narrative on top of drama on top of narrative, all amounting to a blithely provocative but endlessly interesting stew of questions and ideas.