Space Zombie Bingo!!!

Space Zombie Bingo!!!

The U.S. Military along with the general population are trying to rid the country of alien zombie invaders.

The U.S. Military along with the general population are trying to rid the country of alien zombie invaders. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Lance M (br) wrote: Think a teenage Woody Allen ...and set in Florida...that's this moive.

Kenneth L (mx) wrote: This is admittedly only the fourth of his films I've seen (after Breathless, Pierrot le Fou, and 2 or 3 Things I Know About Her), but this immediately and unquestionably became my new favorite Jean-Luc Godard movie. It's simply fun to watch in a way the other three I've seen are not (and, in the case of Pierrot le Fou, actively avoid being). It's still an experimental movie that deals with some typically Godard concerns, but it doesn't try to alienate the audience, and actually seems like Godard enjoyed making it for once.There's kind of a story, a little bit, about a young woman who decides she wants to have a child (Anna Karina, who married Godard during the shooting of this film), her reluctant boyfriend (Jean-Claude Brialy), and their friend (Jean-Paul Belmondo). But really it's all just an occasion for Godard to play with a number of different ideas and techniques, many of them involving sound and music. This might be the world's first and only deconstructionist musical; it actually really made me wish Godard had gone on to specialize in making more such films. There are flourishes of lush, typically Hollywood-y music on the soundtrack that start and stop on a whim, and may or may not obviously relate to what's going on onscreen. The characters make the occasional gestures towards singing and dancing. It never quite approaches anything like a musical number as we normally think of one, but it frequently plays around with the idea.There's some other fun stuff in the movie besides the musical elements. There are elaborate gags where the characters won't speak to each other but use the titles of books to converse. There are a bunch of meta jokes about other films (including Godard's own Breathless, and Jules and Jim, which was still being shot at the time). There are random little visual jokes. In all, it's a lighter, more graceful movie than the others I've seen, and it seems to have been made before Godard became totally soured on all things modern. I've been able to appreciate Godard movies before, but this is the first one I actually just plain liked.

William S (us) wrote: awesome movie, superb decors and costumes, greatest moment in human history !

Kami F (de) wrote: - This was a depressing musical, and not in a good way, like Les Mis. This one is just sad and messed up!- I like that they brought Shirley Jones and Gordon MacRae back together, but I wish they had a better relationship.- Billy is such a jerk! I liked him so much better as Curly. I can't believe Julie puts up with him. Why do women stay in abusive relationships!?!?- Mr. Snow's voice really bugs me, and his laugh is terrible!- The one day Billy sees his daughter, and he slaps her! What an idiot!- To make it worse, there is a whole spiel about how Billy's slaps feel like kisses. What the heck!?!? Seriously messed up!- I enjoyed the ballet sequence towards the end. Jacques d'Amboise get some serious air!- I don't think I'll ever be watching this again. It was depressing, and I didn't enjoy it much. I didn't even like a lot of the songs.

Caitlin L (nl) wrote: So funny. Watched so many times I have parts of it memorized.