Spangas on Survival

Spangas on Survival


  • Rating:
    4.00 out of 5
  • Length:95 minutes
  • Release:2009
  • Language:Dutch,English,French
  • Reference:Imdb
  • Keywords:adventurer,   friendship,   love,  

Teacher Jochem sticks to the plan he has drawn up for the week-long study trip - in teams, the students will complete various assignments, the highlight of which will be a survival drop at ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Farah R (es) wrote: 2016 had been a brilliant year for horror films and with this prequel to 2014's Ouija, it's certainly proven to be true. It is indeed a rarity when the second movie is better than its predecessor and that implies greatly to Origin Of Evil as it can hardly be compared with the first one. Everything is better from storyline to casting to effects. Also the aesthetic of the setting and time period really enhance the wickedness of a house plagued by evil spirits theme. The best thing about this movie though is how genuinely frightening it is with its well-realized scares.

Bill C (es) wrote: In one of the DVD special features Tommy Lee Jones gives us a short lecture about the elusiveness of defining the "western" genre, then describes his film as "minimalist". Hardly! Its as if Jones has tried to roll ten films into one, include every epic vision he has ever had, accomplish in one bold stroke what took others a career. Nothing works. Jan Troell this is not.

Theo M (de) wrote: Lourdes is the story of a disabled girl with multiple sclerosis in a wheelchair, who likes to make cultural journeys. Lourdes is - so to speak - very wheelchair friendly. She would like to be able to walk like normal people, but she isn't extremely religious. Still, the unexpected happens: in the middle of the night, she is able to stand up from her bed, walk to the bathroom, brush her hair and put in her earrings. She even wins the award of best pilgrim of the year. Now everybody wants to take advantage of the miracle. Unfortunately, during the dance evening on the final day, it looks like the regained health won't last. It was probably one of those temporary miracles that don't count for the holy record. In the days the wonder occurred, all too human questions got raised, like: why is she healed by God and not someone else? All in all, a french movie the way it should be: slow, subtle, contemplative, and emotional with a hint of irony.

Adam A (kr) wrote: It is hard to play fair in a game of believes when the facts are dirty, and approached humoristic. Then again, "Religious" sertainly can bring you laugher, that is if you are open-minded.

Xavier P (fr) wrote: Not entirely sure what direction this movie is taking, but there are some interesting events in the picture. Basically it's random people whose lives are inter-related.

Heather M (kr) wrote: Such a wonderful and sweet romantic flick. All you squishy chick flick fans out there must watch this!

Angela A (ru) wrote: That was a fantastic little film. The animation is wonderful, the storyline makes you think about all sorts of moral and social issues. Plus, there's many a hilarious moment throughout.

Andrea V (it) wrote: If you don't know anything about this artist (like myself), you won't get much out of this biopic.

Rachel L (us) wrote: Lame. Plain and simple. I could do without the crappy 80s cartoon-vision. There was no real plot, a LOT of bad acting (Colleen? Ugh) and stupid random stuff put in for no reason (random people dancing on the plane? wtf?) Very surprising ending for this kind of a movie...and really random that they backtrack with no explanation. I know it's the whole "once choice can change everything" idea...but that was NOWHERE else in the movie, therefore it came out of nowhere and was really random and pointless. Hard to relate/feel sympathetic towards the characters. It felt like it was 2 hours long and not 90's 90 minutes I'll never get back, don't even bother wasting your time.

Steve G (de) wrote: Disclaimer: The following review is for "Lethal Weapon 4: Director's Cut" although throughout the review it will simply be referred to as Disclaimer: The following review is for "Lethal Weapon 4"."Lethal Weapon 4" is an okay action film. The acting in "Lethal Weapon 4" is good the best acting comes from "Mel Gibson" "Joe Pesci". The plot to this movie is alright, it's not a very entertaining throughout the movie. The action scenes in this movie are dull and boring. The music in this film is not too bad but not as good as the previous entries. I give "Lethal Weapon 4" a 5.5/10.

Connor P (nl) wrote: Dan's review is adequate, no need for me to say much. Its only redeeming quality is its bizarreness. Watching Caligari is more like going to the circus than to the movies.

Silvestre S (es) wrote: Being a decent remake it doesn't neccesary add anything new from Brian De Palma's classic but it does have a great reimagining of the original and has actors that get really into their charcter and Chlo Grace Moretz's beautiful performance causes to balance the film with enough of the information and foreshadowing to causes a lot of emotion for the climax and falling action.

Buddha Belly (ag) wrote: a very good film starring my favorite older actor Jimmy Stewart, not his best but still a classic love story.

Kyle A (au) wrote: I wanted to enjoy this movie more than I did. The last 15-20 minutes are amazing, but the first hour couldn't consistently keep my attention. I'm relatively proud of the fact that I have developed and enjoy the realist style, and I tend to keep my focus amidst the long drawn out moments that make these movies unique film watching experiences. "Old Joy" was just too much. It has some fine characters which kept my attention for a while, but its 'less-than-cinematic' camera work had me drifting away.

Art S (us) wrote: Ray Milland in a Roger Corman low-budget flick focused on a "mad scientist" who develops some eye-drops that allow him to see through things. He wants to use it for good (finding tumors, diagnosing illnesses) but this is not to be. Corman's psychedelic use of "spectravision" means that there is an experimental tone to the latter half of the film -- seeing through things means seeing them with all the colors of the prism (and blurry). However, too much plot time is spent on chases and not enough on the philosophical/religious pay-off. But there is Don Rickles!

Nolan P (mx) wrote: Decent flick. Makes you think, but could have been better. If you like epidemic disaster movies you will like this one most likely.