Spanish Eyes

Spanish Eyes

A musical directed by G.B. Samuelson.

  • Rating:
    4.00 out of 5
  • Length:71 minutes
  • Release:1930
  • Language:English
  • Reference:Imdb
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Spanish Eyes torrent reviews

Dan J (de) wrote: Final Destination with a witch. Ridiculous.

Ian R (ca) wrote: Great documentary if you want to watch lots of footage, not so much if you want to hear context or hear about the whys of what made him so important. That said, loads of great footage!

Brian F (mx) wrote: Iove this Movie i use to watch it growing up i think its great and very enjoyable.... Dont know why the reviews below are hating on it.......

Juli N (us) wrote: The characters were so dull and lifeless to begin with it really wasn't much of a jump to act like an emotionless alien!

Erik K (mx) wrote: A suspenseful tale of an ambitious journalist who infiltrates a mental hospital to scoop a story, only to lose his grip on sanity.

Edward C (nl) wrote: Plot/Summary, After being forced to beat up a man (Clifton Young) from whom he's hitched a ride, Bogart hides out in the apartment of Lauren Bacall, while recovering from plastic surgery, and tries to set about locating the actual murderer.My ReviewI'm actually glad it's in black and white cause it's a very great dark film. A dark film that has to do with murder, accusation, and love. The film revolves around a man named Vincent Parry played brilliantly by Humphrey Bogart who is wrongly accused of his wife's murder and try's to run away from the police due to his accusation. Along the way he is helped out by a women named Irene played by Lauren Bacall so that he can escape the town and live a new life. My favorite part of the film was in the opening sequence were a barrel falls of a truck and Vincent is inside and through out half the time you have a first person perspective of what's going on with Vincent and you barley see his real face. Later in the film after he has a talk with Sam the Taxi Driver he get's plastic surgery and when he's getting the surgery it had another great sequence in the film where he's in some sort of dozed off crazy dream where we see Irene, Sam the Taxi Driver and the plastic surgent. There is a man who is following Vincent around and eventually finds him. He is believed by the audience to be the killer but he isn't watch for yourself and find out who it is. I give Dark Passage a thumps up and a 5 out of 5.

Takushi Y (ru) wrote: Papillon give me the toughness of living.2nd, BS, 2015/11/1

Orlok W (jp) wrote: 'Alien' model 1958--Dated campy fun!!

Karla S (br) wrote: The one star goes to the tiger for keeping a straight face and not laughing his head off at the "acting" around him..