Spanish Movie

Spanish Movie

Grandes dosis de humor, ingeniosos guiños a nuestro cine patrio más reciente, un elenco artístico altamente ligado a la comedia y una elevada reserva de sorpresas constituyen los ingredientes de esta disparatada comedia: Spanish Movie.

A spoof of contemporary Spanish movies. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Nathan N (es) wrote: Another terrible Sci Fi channel movie. If thats your kind of thing.

Abb J (br) wrote: Night Skies: This low budget horror, loosely based on the 1997 mass UFO sighting over Phoenix, with its stupid dialogue, lame acting and ridiculous rubber aliens, is one of the most laughably awful movies in recent history, proof that anyone can make a movie if they want it badly enough. F

Konrad A (gb) wrote: This was not the best movie but there was good music and funny parts to this movie. Now I think kids will like this movie

Rachel M (ag) wrote: I thought this was going to be a risque movie about the guy porking his housekeeper and then someone finding out and then judging them and being all "what the fuck are you doing fucking someone who's 19? you're fucking 50." nope. not that. it was just a stupid story that bored the shit out of me.

alex f (jp) wrote: Rourke is okay, but the guy who plays his brother is just terrible and im not really sure why Hannah was there?!

Rita A (nl) wrote: Really fun. The male/female dynamics are right on. I actually like listening to all of the arguing-very Italian like and a neat way to open a film.

Mithil B (us) wrote: A great beginning to a wonderful trilogy... A movie so simple yet so complex in emotions and it's characters. If you thought this was an OKAY movie, think again... I truly believe that Ray was born to make movies because you just can't make a perfect movie at your first attempt!

Brad S (mx) wrote: My first time watching this Hitchcock classic know for the climax on the Statue of Liberty. It is another "wrong man" story for Hitch and is stylish and well executed, the main downside is the performances aren't great I especially found Robert Cummings to be weak in this. It might've been better received had Hitchock gotten some of his other more well-known leading actors instead. The film is certainly worth watching and ultimately I did enjoy it. Give it a try!

George I (it) wrote: The second time I've seen this, and I'm not gonna pretend I know what it's about. The first time (which was within the last few years) I had the creepy feeling that I wasn't watching fiction, which is not the same as believing this is a documentary (those are often a type of fiction as well). There was a little of that this time, but with more of a sense of watching a dream of someone watching a dream. Aren't dreams fiction? No. Not necessarily. Dreams are often an arrangement of sights, sounds, and (or) sensations that try to make sense of one's current state of being, mentally and most likely physically (it's one machine). There's a non-linear logic at work, but it's still truth, not fiction.

Sandy B (au) wrote: Funny movie! I watched it when it got to RedBox and I definitely think it's a movie to see for a fun night. Maybe not a movie I could watch over and over again, but still a must-see.

Randy L (ag) wrote: 9 times out of 10 when I hear Janis Joplin I will recoil at the caterwauling, or feel indifference. But when in that rare moment, which for me, oddly, was on an overnight plane flight, when you are open for a full-on primal immersion in the Janis Joplin experience... this was probably as good as it gets. It left me convinced that on a good night, she really was vocally transcendent like Billie Holiday or Aretha Franklin. And the film is full of surprisingly candid photos and tons of personal, very revealing letters. (all read by Chan Marshall, no less). She was undoubtedly everything that her legend has ascribed to her - complex, dangerously sincere, and emotionally tormented. The videos and interviews of her returning to her 10 year high-school reunion, which I have seen before in clips, become heartbreaking when viewed in this broader biographic context. And, yeah, she was actually frequently beautiful on the outside too.