Soon after Elizabeth receives this text message, her mother isn't the only one lost in sleep. Elizabeth's car has broken down. It's freezing cold, no sign of life nearby. She just has to wait, patiently. The recovery guys will be here soon, Elizabeth. Till then, she warms her young hands on the vents, drifts into a strange slumber, followed by an even more surreal awakening. Icelandic landscapes merge with Elizabeth's memories. Fears are magically transformed into comforting and fantastical fabrics. Father, upstairs, alone.

An Alien comes to earth in the form of a man to experience human way of life. Breaking the rules of interacting and exposing himself, he falls in love with a human, somebody he should have ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Christine A (de) wrote: i love it... Robert pattinson did a great job....

Darryl S (us) wrote: Tim Roth is good in everything, just saying.

Muffin M (fr) wrote: I own this on DVD in a three movie pack along with:* Tomcats (2001)* Barely Legal (2003)

Luke S (ag) wrote: lol jack blacks in it so i guess its gunna b funni

Risa C (es) wrote: good but everything looks so incredibly fake especially the spaceship.the cat winky was really cute,and i loved how they used animals to help the kids.

Ice R (ru) wrote: It's a cure for insomnia.

Julien G (ru) wrote: Jack Clayton se revele etre aussi l'aise dans le film fantastique, "Les Innocents", que dans le drame, "Les chemins de la Haute Ville". La puissance de l'argent face a la puissance de l'amour. A voir.Jack Clayton est un realisateur britannique qui gagne vraiment a etre connu.

Jon B (es) wrote: So stupid. So predictable. A HORRIBLE movie.

jay n (kr) wrote: Splashy and elaborate musical is tuneful and humorous. Ann Sothern, Jane Powell and Louis Calhern all give funny spirited performances in a plot that is of course absurd. Carmen Miranda is along for the ride and her outfits are a sight to behold! Her umbrella number is a feast for the eyes and of course she gives it all she's got. Good fun.

Michael W (gb) wrote: British WWII propaganda film has six Nazis fleeing across Canada after their U-Boat is bombed on the Hudson Bay. Incorporates a strong message to the USA about neutrality. Dedicated to the Dominion of Canada and really spans the country's landscape and people (although largely stereotyped characters). Failed attemps to illicit sympathy to the Nazi cause should have suggested an alternate course by the fugitives.