A gigantic serpent is captured on a remote island and shipped to an American college for experimentation.

A gigantic serpent is captured on a remote island and shipped to an American college for experimentation. A British millionaire and an American scientist find themselves in hot pursuit of ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Vincent L (ca) wrote: Teenage love and friendship tangled in an unresolvable triangle went sour and sad. The part showing 15 yrs later with the twin girls was completely redundant.

James O (br) wrote: Very Hollywood and schmaltzy. Does a job as a soppy heart rending piece but it's quite naff round the edges, uneven plot and not going to be overly memorable.

Grant T (es) wrote: Didn't think I would like this movie. After seeing it. My thoughts were confirmed. It was funny at times, but overall just aimed at making a point. It was made by the same guy that made Epic-Movie and it felt like that.

Antoine P (nl) wrote: Parcequ"il y a Bibi...

Charlie L (mx) wrote: Talented vocal work and a fairly decent script make Monster House a fun ride for its target audience.

Gary S (ru) wrote: I've watched this movie several times but I don't think it's very good at all. The plot makes no sense. Both Penn and Bacon's character simply have no empathy for Robbin's character. The character is victimized twice and it doesn't mean anything to anyone...not even his wife. Stupid!

Randy P (jp) wrote: What was the meaning of this?

Jon B (fr) wrote: decent. vaughn plays his usual annoying self.

Stephen M (de) wrote: I loved this movie when I first saw it because I am a sentimental sap who loves Bette Midler, loves show business stories, loves the era in which the movie started and loves Bette Midler. Even then, though, I recognized that it was a flawed movie. It gets slow and uninteresting at times ... but then Bette Midler sings or Dixie and Eddie have a fight and that wakes us up again! Some of the acting is heavier than the old age prosthetics that the two stars wear at the end of the film; but you forgive it because Bette Midler has great legs and can sing swing like nobody else who wasn't living when people sang swing. Some of the storylines are cliche to the point of being painful and so is some of the acting by some of the supporting players. AND YET. I loved the movie and I still do. I have songs from it in my "favourites" playlist on Ipod; when it is on tv, I watch it. Sometimes I even say "I want to see FOR THE BOYS and I get out my dvd. So it's one of those double edge swords: it's flawed but I love it. Sometimes you just have to.

Paul C (es) wrote: The original spoof of the Bond films - and obvious inspiration for Austin Powers - and in one memorable scene Flint and Bond have a mock fight. Coburn is superbly dead-pan throughout and Lee J Cobb steals every scene as his beleaguered boss.

Smp M (kr) wrote: A great Movie filled with humor and the od song

Sanford R (nl) wrote: Not for now at least

Ben S (kr) wrote: Recommended for fans of Psychedelia, Cockney Gangsters, and The Rolling Stones.

Rene J (es) wrote: Usually most franchises falters by the third installment. But yep its still crazy ??.

Dewey F (us) wrote: I don't think it says anywhere on the packaging, but smoking one is a mandatory prerequisite to viewing this movie. MUST SEE!