Speaking of Sex

Speaking of Sex

A counselor, an expert on depression, and two attorneys try to help a couple who have marital problems.

A female marriage counselor and a male depression expert try to solve the marital problems of a troubled couple. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Peter U (nl) wrote: Didn't really end up memorable in my book. Then again I was never a big PSH fan

Heather M (fr) wrote: The cast was great, but the movie was so slow that I really had a hard time caring about what was going on.

Emily D (de) wrote: Now I know a television movie of this caliber normally doesn't grant itself a review however, I grew up with Anne of Green Gables and Anne of Avonlea. I religiously watched them as a child all the way up until I was a teenager....so when the flu took over my body, I was longing for viewing comforts from the past and for some reason all I wanted to do was watch Anne's adventures in Green Gables. The download took about 2 days but I got everything: Green Gables, Avonlea, The Continuing Story and the television show, The Road to Avonlea which I'd never heard of before but stars Sara Polley.During my instability, the Gables struck my heart with warmth and through my fever induced tears brought laughter. Watching Gables & Avonlea was exactly what I wanted/needed. Which is why I want to talk about this pile of garbage called: Anne of Green Gables the Continuing Story. Kevin Sullivan how could you ruin such a good thing? As writer, director and producer of the first two films based on LM Montgomery's classics I expected much more from you.Everything in this film is wrong wrong wrong from the start. First off the timing is not continuous with the first two films. For example, Anne is....roughly 18 when her and Gilbert kiss on the bridge and become engaged...he states that it will take him 3 years to finish medical school and then they would be married, which according to my calculations (and this very fine blog here) it would be 1889. This pile of crap...excuse me...I mean movie, centers around world war 1 (1918) and states they have been engaged for 5 years...however that is incorrect, they would have been engaged for 11 years and judging by both their appearances it looks like it. All of the characters are much older than their characters are supposed to be. Diana (Schuyler Grant) has completely shed any form of baby fat on her face and looks more like Laura Linney than like Diana. Fred has been completely replaced with a new actor. Marilla's dead...yet Rachel is still alive..? Anne and Gilbert look so old they should have grandchildren by now (Yep I said it).It doesn't even feel like Follows is reprising her role as Anne, and every actor isn't speaking in that decadent royal way that I've become so accustomed to. Even crude Josie Pye felt contrived. The film was made in 2000 and it shows, from the dialect to the production value. Everything feels fake; the acting, the storyline, the sets. It's as if we are watching a terrible play. It just doesn't make any sense. Why would you write these characters that we hold near and dear to our hearts and toss them into a very lame story about World War 1. (I'm talking to you Mr Sullivan) Even in the books Anne & Gilbert don't go to war, their CHILDREN do. It makes no sense. The only nice thing about this movie is we get a lot of Anne and Gilbert screen time (Jonathan Crombie is delicious) but it doesn't feel real, it feels terribly fake, even Anne professing her love for Gilbert made me want to turn off the film and watch the last five minutes of Anne of Avonlea, because those five minutes of the last film, have more purity with the acting, production value,...even the fucking score...than "The Continuing Story" will ever have. This isn't even worth a score but since I'm a generous person I'll give it a 1/10

Andrew J (ca) wrote: A very good western with an excellent performance from Charlton Heston that deserves to be more well known.

Ralph R (nl) wrote: Marilyn Monroe is exactly everything that I despise in celebrities and the opposite sex. Her life was always about being noticed for her body, and she would do anything to be noticed and to be rich. She is most famous for having an affair with who I deem to be the worst president ever, JFK. She also has an annoying voice and could not act for crap. As far as her movies go, you can count me out, for I would rather spend a day listening to Whoopi attempt to sound intelligent.

Will F (mx) wrote: One of the best movies ever made.