Special Agent

Special Agent

Newspaperman Bill Bradford becomes a special agent for the tax service trying to end the career of racketeer Nick Carston. Julie Gardner is Carston's bookkeeper. Bradford enters Carston's organization and Julie cooperates with him to land Carston in jail. An informer squeals on them. Julie is kidnapped by Carston's henchmen as she is about to testify

  • Rating:
    4.00 out of 5
  • Length:76 minutes
  • Release:1935
  • Language:English
  • Reference:Imdb
  • Keywords:murder,   police,   reporter,  

Newspaperman Bill Bradford becomes a special agent for the tax service trying to end the career of racketeer Nick Carston. Julie Gardner is Carston's bookkeeper. Bradford enters Carston's ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Lee B (au) wrote: This isn't going to win any awards for its cinematography or acting but was entertaining and quite funny in places. I also liked the setting, a good effort.

D M (us) wrote: have been looking a documentary about swords for awhile now and found this that just came out. It was great. It covered swords in movies, in Eastern martial arts as well as the resurgence of Western martial arts. It covered different kinds of sword-play, how swords were made, and how they became obsolete and techniques have been nearly lost. Clips from some great movies such as Princess bride, Empire Strikes Back, LOTR, Rob Roy, etc. Apparently one guy (Bob Anderson) was responsible for choreographing and training for all of those films and many others. A real good watch for anyone who enjoys a good sword fight.

Shane Y (jp) wrote: Keep in mind I like corny, thin meteorology movies. This one is the ultimate great!

Heist (nl) wrote: Quick note: The horrorfest movies are (so far) pretty bad. And they're certainly not too extreme for the majors, unless by extreme you mean bad.

Scott M (mx) wrote: The dialog wasn't believable. No one talks like these people in real life. Or maybe they do but I don't want to hear it. Natalie in her underwear was kind of cool but couldn't help this dull movie.

ar (it) wrote: One of my favourites, im a sucker for vampires!! Although this seems like a small budgeted film, the storyline is ok and Gerard Butler is great as dracula!!

Turab H (us) wrote: My favorite of all time!! Please don't watch it, you will know my trade secrets :P

Chad Q (ru) wrote: Great political satire. Average movie. Re-watched it this election season and felt like it was more relevant than ever

Rob W (it) wrote: Painful, how did it win an Oscar? All the characters are very annoying, it plods and stutters.

Jason A (it) wrote: This was one of my favorite films when I was a kid; I hadn't seen this in, like, forever, but fortunately, it's on a lot of websites like IMDB for free, so I decided to revisit an old classic. Wow. I used to think this was one of the darkest, most gloriously violent movies ever, but watching it recently I realized this is all kinds of silly. Definitely an 80s action film, but in a good way that makes you yearn for the good ol' days of steroids, big guns, and throwing stars before guys like Matt Damon and Keanu Reeves could be action stars. Despite its cheesiness, 'Pray for Death' is still incredibly tight, and I always enjoy watching Sho Kosugi do what he does best... Ninjitsu style. In this one he plays a dude named Akira, who's some kind of Japanese businessman but also- you guessed it- a closet ninja, Anyway, Sho's wife thinks it's a good idea to move the family to America. And they do, only they move to a really ratty part of town and get mixed up in some trouble involving crooked cops, organized crime, and a necklace. James Booth, who you boys and girls will remember from Michael Dudikoff's 'Avenging Force' (anyone? Anyone?), places the main baddie, Limehouse Willie. Incurring Willie's wrath is hard on Sho, as his wife gets killed and son run down by a car. This gets Kosugi a hundred kinds of pissed off, and he sets about making the baddies "pray for death." And do they ever. Like I said, this was so silly at times. I think the filmmakers were trying to see what would happen if they put the ninja figure into a straightforward Charles Bronson/Death Wish forumula; the results are entertaining, if a little mixed.I learned two things: (1) Sho Kosugi can jump over speeding cars a la Dolph in Showdown in Little Tokyo, as well as effortlessly slaughter dozens of mob henchmen at a time, and yet (2) James Booth is tough enough to be the only guy to be in prolonged fights with a ninja who kills most opponents in one sword stroke and jumps over speeding vehicles. I gotta admit that kinda bothered me; here is 60+ year old James Booth handing a ninja his ass on a plate, and they dragged the fight on for 15 minutes! Sho's son Kane (from Japanese Power Rangers fame) gets in some good shots too. The old FBI agent guy from Bloodsport is here as well, as a police chief who does a pretty shitty job of protecting Kosugi's family, considering they get slaughtered on his watch, Who doesn't love Sho Kosugi? Back before Dudikoff made it cool for us gaijin to dream of being ninjas, Kosugi was it; and he doesn't disappoint here. He's doing it all: jumping over speeding cars, doing ninja magic, and sporting a tight haircut. I think it's about time for a Kosugi marathon around here. In summary, if you yearn for the good old days of 80s action, mixed in with a million kinds of ninja silliness, watch 'Pray for Death.' The only downside I can think of is the 80s synthesizer power ballad that serves as the theme song, kind of inappropriate for something that needed more of the Stan Bush tough guy belting out songs about never surrendering and killing people if they blink. Enjoy.

Greg R (nl) wrote: This movie is awesome, I love it. However, with that said, there are a number of problems.First of all, this movies run time is to long for a family movie. It starts out slow, the first 50 minutes to about the first hour, I think could have cut out a number of shots. Even though it does get better after those 50-60 minutes, it doesn't mean that this movie is like picture frame perfect or anything, several scenes feel like they could've been done better, it can even get a little to corny or too smultzy in the third act, but with that said, it is imaginative, has great heart, and it does have some of that Spielberg charm to it Once the characters develop into those characteristics we loved from the Disney version and the book, you realize these actors are doing a really good job playing their roles, The two main leads Hoffman and Williams do a great job playing their roles. The thing is, this movies plot and story isn't really focus so much on Hook as it should for the movie to be called Hook. The story isn't really about Hook, it's about Peter Pan getting his magic back so he will be able to save his kids from Hook. So if I were to title this movie, I would say it should've been titled Another Pan. Overall, this is a family movie that parents will probably enjoy watching with their kids, if you don't mind sitting for more than 2 hours watching it. The first 1/3 will be slow, but it gets better from there. There is the Spielberg charm but there are things that could be changed including a new title.