Special Forces

Special Forces

When the crazed commander (Eli Danker) of a sadistic army in Moldavia kidnaps an American photojournalist (Daniella Deutscher) and holds her hostage, his misguided actions ignite a targeted response from Maj. Don Harding (Marshall R. Teague) and his trained squad of special forces soldiers. With help from a local schoolteacher (Scott Adkins) who's trained in martial arts, Maj. Harding readies his troops for an all-out offensive.

  • Rating:
    4.00 out of 5
  • Length:93 minutes
  • Release:2003
  • Language:English
  • Reference:Imdb
  • Keywords:explosion,   murder,   scar,  

In a former Soviet Republic, the President is oppressing the people and with help from a former Bosnian General who's a sadist, he is extremely hated. An American reporter goes there to ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Mike N (kr) wrote: a cool idea but the story falls apart in my opinion because of pretty bad writing and average filming..dident mind checking it out once... the idea kept me interested but i could not really take it seriously.

Jostein B (nl) wrote: Smsyk, smrar, smmorsom

Timm S (us) wrote: Gurellia Film-Making At An Extra-Ordinary Level Of Isolation Bring A Desolate Northern-Russia Landscape Alive. The Slow Pace, Bizarre Story & Bland Script Pushed My Limit Of Carte-Factor. I Watched This In Two Seperate Hours & Still Found It A Real Struggle. If It Weren't For The Amazing Landscape Photography I'd Have Given It A Near Zero.

Matthew L (nl) wrote: What a nifty little gem

Jason Y (es) wrote: [b]DVD[/b] First Viewing, 1 de Caunes film seen [i]Monsieur N.[/i] is nowhere near as interesting as it was supposed to be. It boasts a tagline similar to "history is written by the victors," but never fully explores the story of Napoleon Bonaparte to any satisfying or fascinating conclusion (even if the true history may never be known). I was expecting a little less of a borefest for the first half of the film.

Goodwin L (jp) wrote: a religious ad of utmost dumbness.

Jack F (br) wrote: A towering return to form from Disney, Tangled is a hilarious and heartfelt romance, and it boasts quite possibly the most beautiful animation ever produced.

Grg W (kr) wrote: yeah, the title really explains the whole movie. wade, an overweight idiotic nuisance, enjoys not wearing a belt exposing his......you guessed it.....his buttcrack, and it gets to a point where his roommate and fiancee can't take it anymore. then wade has an accident that kills him. luckily for him his sister is a voodoo priestess and brings him back as a zombie. he then terrorizes his roommate and fiancee again. this is not a b-movie, this is what you call a Z-movie. this was shot with no budget on a home video camera. you can tell by the way this is filmed that they don't take the movie seriously at all, which is to be commended i guess, cuz this movie is beyond terrible. when things like plan 9 from outer space scrape the bottom of the barrel, this is the kind of movie that decides to keep digging. i'll tell you the only thing i enjoyed about this movie was punk legend mojo nixon's appearance in it. he pretty much stole the movie as preacher man bob, but he still didn't save it from being a complete waste of time. another note: troma financed this, which explains it all.

Nick R (ru) wrote: Great thought provoking movie

WS W (br) wrote: I wonder why every British TV (or TV-movie) from the same genre looks like being molded by the same person?

Wiebke K (mx) wrote: Low budget sci fi flick of man against machine

Marcus W (au) wrote: The film revolves around Downey Jr and he puts in a great performance, but sadly he can't carry the film alone and so everything else drags and feel superfluous.

Karen M (es) wrote: Discombobulated and weird slapstick comedy. Had little idea what was going on-Jerry Lewis's character was so annoying and found little that was loveable about him, it made the movie difficult to watch. The set was grand. That's about it.

Brandon S (es) wrote: Denzel is this movie's saving grace! What a spectacular performance and what amazing chemistry he has with Kimberly Elise. The one aspect of the film that just got under my skin like you wouldn't believe is Anne Heche.

Cheryl L (it) wrote: A good last film, although Rocky has definitely aged a lot!

Alex C (gb) wrote: honestly one of the best movies i have ever seen ... dont judge a book by its cover ...