A romantic comedy. Michael Keaton and Geena Davis are speechwriters for competing political campaigns. Witty and amusing for the political junkies amongst us.

Two political speechwriters fall in love before they find out they are working for candidates on opposite sides. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


Speechless torrent reviews

Cooper J (ag) wrote: Greater was one of the best movies I have ever seen. I enjoyed every minute of this movie and the ending left me inspired. I recommend Greater to everyone!

Brian H (jp) wrote: Wow, a really good movie from beginning to end. Just the right amount of detective work and action.

Stewart W (ag) wrote: Kind of a fun concept horribly butchered in the execution. There's more wrong here than can be excused by the obviou micro-budget. Badly acted, rubbish creature effects, tonally bipolar. A few laugh out loud funny sequences hint at what might have been if only everyone had remembered to keep their tongue firmly in their cheek.

JJ W (ca) wrote: A movie that is too procedural for its own good. While the complexities of the French Resistance are interesting, there is no real dramatic weight behind most of the scenes within the movie. Characters come and go without much development. As a movie about a terrorist group, there's a severe lack of psychological development of the characters and thus the movie is rendered as an informative exercise rather than a powerful drama. The Baader Meinhof Complex is infinitely better done with a similar premise.

Shinyhair X (ca) wrote: This was just sooo not my cup of tea! I genuinely regrett spending one and a half hour of my life watching this tasteless so called "comedy". I really don't like how they turn peace into a bad thing, these kinds of movies makes me, as a non-American, sick.

Yanek S (gb) wrote: Bravo! Loved every second. Sometimes I wish I had not seen it so I can experience it all again for the first time. Can't wait for the blu ray 3d version!!!

Justin N (kr) wrote: A slow-going documentary about an artist who creates often-temporary designs in nature that erode before the camera. I found the footage of his work interesting, but the interviews with him pretty dull.

Steve W (br) wrote: I have to applaud the attempt and effort put into this sci-fi thriller, as it has good set design and decent special effects. However, the movie itself is very slow and the acting isn't the greatest. I enjoyed David Hewlett's small role, and this movie has some decent thrills if nothing else. The final twist was predictable and the movie is very scatter-brained, but its worth a look if you enjoy the director's work (which I do).

Amanda O (au) wrote: an interesting twist on a biblical story.

Frank S (us) wrote: Might be better than Super Troopers!!

David G (ag) wrote: A pretty good story about a disgraced executioner in fuedal Japan who wanders the countryside with his baby as an assassin for hire. The film is a little slow and the action sequences are pretty poor by today's standards, but if you dig samurai movies its not bad.

Timothy C (br) wrote: It Kinda Sucked With The Voice Over But Its An Old Movie Bad Special Effects And No CG So What You Expect

Emma W (us) wrote: A-Mazing, great version of Hamlet, watch it with the captions on though, so as not to miss anything. Must watch it again i think i missed some of the conversations.

Mark A (ca) wrote: Lousy production values, cheesy dialog, wooden actors, and an annoying voice-over narrator. Sounds like a recipe for disaster. It's so bad, it's good! This viewer went into this not expecting to finish it, based on the other user reviews on Netflix, but instead I stayed to the end. Maybe it was the story. Somehow despite all of the obstacles that might normally turn me off, the story of two sisters and their obsessive infatuation with their neighbor drew me in. The quiet, intense Jean (Gail Travers) and the earthy, free-spirited Collette (Macha Grenon) stalk and pursue the enigmatic Yoshi (Eiji Okuda) and finally get to live out their fantasy in a hotel room in Montreal. The fallout from that encounter fuels the drama of a family reunion weekend at their parents' house a few years later. The only recognizable face in the cast, Maury Chaykin, plays Cody, an old family friend and provides some comic relief. I can't say that I recommend it, but I certainly found it entertaining. No great, cathartic life-lessons, just a little bit of fluff. But, it turned out to be a sweet story and the two lovely young actresses held my interest for nearly two hours. A surprising 3 stars!

David C (jp) wrote: I know this film got panned by a lot of people, but I thought it was pretty funny at times, even though a lot of it was pretty dumb fare. As far as farce goes, it's no Naked Gun, but it's worth a watch on an off night.