Speed 2: Cruise Control

Speed 2: Cruise Control

Sandra Bullock and Jason Patric star as a young couple whose dream cruise turns to terror when a lunatic computer genius (Willem Dafoe) sets a new course for destruction.

Annie is looking forward to a Caribbean cruise with her cop boyfriend, Alex, who purchased the tickets to make up for lying about working on the SWAT team. But their trip soons becomes fast and furious when a computer hacker breaks into the computer system of the Seabourn Legend cruise liner and sets it speeding on a collision course into a gigantic oil tanker. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Michele B (us) wrote: This was THE funniest film I have seen all YEAR! Cathryn Michon does an excellent job of bringing to the forefront the very real issue of how women are viewed by the media and the lengths they will go to keep up with the madness of trying to perfect in an imperfect world. Great comedy timing, great direction and timely ,thought provoking material.

Greg W (gb) wrote: awesome doc about a wickedly funny guy a/k/a mr. Sulu

Jonny H (de) wrote: You better have one hell of a movie on your hands if you are going to call rape and sexual abuse 'dark comedy'. It has to be earned. Despite stellar ensemble performances, especially by Temple and McConaughey, Friedkin fails to earn such scenes in Killer Joe. You feel like he was having so much fun with the drumstick bit he forgot he was making a caper film.

Kendra V (nl) wrote: Very cute. A message that you must always remind your loved one that you do, in fact, love them (or at least care about them), or else they will leave. An interestingly made film...not necessarily a library must-have, but I'll watch it if nothing else is on.

Curts R (fr) wrote: Tom Hiddleston's moonwalk early doors sets the tone for this no punch, pub lunch drama as lukewarm in substance as it is in content.

Faisal M (jp) wrote: Awesome work by Nandita das. really imprssed by her work. the movie had everything... great story, great acting and great direction. all the actors acted really welll and Nandita das handled this topic really well..

Monster L (jp) wrote: Pretty realistic and nothing too over-the-top. It could have still had more pizazz because, after awhile, the movie felt like it was just dragging on. Basically, the movie could have been told in an hour, and not 1 1/2.

Michael S (au) wrote: Despite a script from David Mamet, this biopic of the Jewish gangster is awfully dull.

MelissaKim S (ag) wrote: Here's a movie I wish I hadn't seen. Though she may have been legendary and influential to her people, I didn't see that come through in this film. All I saw was a woman being gang raped for two hours. Thus furthering my hatred and disgust for all things male.

Philip S (fr) wrote: Good movie, featuring a nice performance by Lemmon.

Sue B (us) wrote: If you want to see how to escape from a closet where you are trapped by using a large magnet, this is a great place to start! Fun and silly flick with two big stars.

monsieur r (it) wrote: If I had a dime for every time a robber or detective got into a room with a pick I'd be a millionaire. So this story of ruthless crime begins. But holy crap, this one starts off in the first 5 minutes with INCREDIBLE point blank bloodshed (for 1948 especially). Documentary drama style film, narrated, it inspired a bit actor now famous Jack Webb to create television's "Dragnet", a hugely popular 50's television show. Stars a very young Richard Basehart as the cop killer and to a lesser extent, Jack Webb of TV's Dragnet fame. As a matter of fact, the term "dragnet" was spoken here by the detective on the scene. Of course, it means the suspects brought into police headquarters from all around, a "net" if you would, like fish, some not worth detaining. Basehart has his act very much "together" (careful and expert killer). He disguises himself with a mustache. He even has a police radio to know whats going on. He has a garage with lots of licence plates for his car. He's also good at electronics and his boss encourages him to go into advanced experimental electronics. What he claims he wants is a shop of his own. Cast Richard Basehart as Roy Martin/Roy Morgan Scott Brady as Sgt. Marty Brennan Roy Roberts as Captain Breen Whit Bissell as Paul Reeves an electronics dealer James Cardwell as Sgt. Chuck Jones Jack Webb as Lee Directed by Alfred L. Werker Anthony Mann Produced by Bryan Foy Robert Kane Screenplay by John C. Higgins Crane Wilbur Story by Crane Wilber Music by Leonid Raab Cinematography John Alton Editing by Alfred DeGaetano Distributed by Eagle-Lion Films Release date(s) November 24, 1948 (1948-11-24) (United States) Running time 79 minutes NOTES about the film: 1 The film was a basis for the popular TV Dragnet series of the 50's/60's. It even has a young Jack Webb in a minor role as a technician in the crime lab. He comes off sort of creepy too, smiling at the wrong times. 2 The film, shot in semi-documentary tone, was loosely based on newspaper accounts of the real-life actions of Erwin "Machine-Gun" Walker, a former Glendale police department employee and World War II veteran who unleashed a crime spree of burglaries, robberies, and shootouts in the Los Angeles area during 1945 and 1946. 3 During production, one of the actors, Jack Webb, struck up a friendship with the police technical advisor, Detective Sergeant Marty Wynn, and was inspired by a conversation with Wynn to create the radio and later television program Dragnet. 4 notable for the camera work by renowned noir cinematographer John Alton. Today the film is in public domain. 5 The staff at Variety magazine gave the film a positive review and wrote, "He Walked by Night is a high-tension crime meller, supercharged with violence but sprung with finesse. Top credits for this film's wallop is shared equally by the several scripters, director Alfred Werker and a small, but superb cast headed by Richard Basehart." 6 Awards/Wins Locarno International Film Festival: Special Prize, Best Police Film, Alfred L. Werker; 1949.

Alexander L (fr) wrote: This movie has something other copycats don't have: magic. It's in the form of enchanted music and animation that forever reigns in the halls of fantasies alike. Each piece fluently sweeps us off our feet like a magic carpet because the stories are engaging, and the music thunders in our ears as if to cast a wonderful spell upon us all. It surprises us with every emotion connected to human thought and feeling. The highlight of this film is the last segment "Ave Maria," and I say this because Walt Disney was a bold man, never afraid to venture out into the religious aspects of our world as portrayed by the monks who embark on a pilgrimage to everlasting peace with the Almighty God. The piece is executed well, and the feeling of the music shifts from a perilous sorrow to an everlasting hope for the righteous followers. It is a marvelous piece, and I highly recommend it to those who admire the greatest of movies.

Luis M (de) wrote: Primera vez q la veo, tremenda pelicula del Director M. Night Shyamalan.