A mentally disturbed man takes residence in a halfway house. His mind gradually slips back into the realm created by his illness, where he replays a key part of his childhood.

A mentally disturbed man takes residence in a halfway house. His mind gradually slips back into the realm created by his illness, where he replays a key part of his childhood. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Sugarissa Candy J (es) wrote: 90% mystery not horror.................

Justin N (fr) wrote: Worth seeing for its subject matter but is unbalanced due to a complete lack of interviews with detainees and the cutting of footage from Sgt. Ken Davis and Samuel Provance. Sam himself has publicly criticized the film.

Adam F (ru) wrote: Even though "Monkeybone" isn't a great movie, there are elements of it that are really well done. If you're a fan of stop-motion animation, you should really check it out, if only for the first half of the movie which is filled with some amazing creations. It's about a cartoonist named Stu Miley (Brendan Fraser) who creates a comical, crude and rude monkey character named Monkeybone (voiced by John Turturro). Stu is about to propose to his girlfriend, a sleep institute specialist named Julie (Bridget Fonda) when he gets into an accident and winds up in a coma. It turns out that the people who fall into comas enter a world between life and death called Down Town. It's a bizarre world populated by imaginary characters, mythical creatures, coma patients and ruled by Hypnos (Giancarlo Esposito), the god of sleep. In Down Town, Monkeybone is real and he, like the other non-human inhabitants of the world feed on nightmares. Stu and Monkeybone team up to escape from this bizarre world but Monkeybone betrays his creator and ends up stealing Stu's body. Horrified by Monkeybone's behavior, Stu will try anything to get back to the real world.The first half of this movie is actually really good. The world of Down Town is fascinating and filled with all sorts of crazy characters. We've got a Cyclops, a Minotaur, talking animals, disturbing stop-motion creations, angels of death, a cat-lady and an elephant creature that plays piano. These creatures all look spectacular. It's a mix of stop-motion, costumes, animatronics and CGI and it really works to create this disturbing world you want to learn more about. Particular standouts for me where Monkeybone, who is extremely well animated and Miss Kitty (Rose McGowan) who has some nice moments with both Stu and Monkeyone and was actually pretty sexy. If you have one of those cat girl fetishes, you've got to get yourself a Dvd of this movie. The story about the Down Town characters feeding on nightmares and complimenting Stu on his creations and his contributions to their world is also really cool and the idea that a fictional character wants to escape the world of imagination to actually become alive is great. On an artistic and technical level, it's really impressive.During the second half of the film, when Stu and Monkeybone exit the world of Down Town and get back to reality is where it starts to fall apart. Right off the bat you know you're in trouble when you see Whoopi Goldberg playing Death in a way that isn't funny at all. Actually the entire second half of the movie feels ill-conceived because seeing Brendan Fraser (possessed by Monkey Bone) doing wacky antics isn't nearly as interesting as seeing the human character and his creation interact with each other. Instead we get a plot about Monkeybone selling out the character to big businesses, Julie wondering what happened to her boyfriend and an evil plot involving nightmares. Several plot points basically come out of nowhere and just make you wish the movie would go back to Down Town. I also didn't find that the comedy worked for the most part. There is a funny running joke about Stu getting a new body to combat Monkeybone in the real world (performed by Chris Kattan) but mostly, the movie drops everything that was interesting from the first half. It's frustrating because this could have been a really good movie if the small plots about Stu's girlfriend wanting to pull the plug on him, the Hypnos-Monkeybone alliance and the character of Death had all been dropped.I do recommend the film because I think a lot of people will find the creative world of Down Town very appealing and because the technical aspects of it. When compared to other similar movies, it doesn't really hold up on a story level unfortunately. There are many other films that offer some of the elements in thisfilm, but are more focussed and end up being way better. I don't usually like comparing movies to each other, because so often it's like comparing apples to oranges, but I'll make an exception in this case to make my point. Well known films, like "Who Framed Roger Rabbit", has a normal human character interacting with cartoons, but keeps going with the idea the whole way through. Another film with a similar premise would be "Mirror Mask". The story is about a little girl watching in horror as her body is taken over by a character from a strange fantasy world while she tries to escape. Once again, nearly the entire running time of the film is dedicated to her trying to escape and get back to her body, not just the second half. "Beetlejuice" which also features a crude, otherworldly character interacting with regular people and a world filled with interesting creations and amazing sets and special effects or even Henry Selick's own "Coraline" are also examples where the concept is done in a much leaner and more effective way. Compared to those, "Monkeybone" just doesn't hold up. It's worth your attention and if you're a fan of stop motion. If you love seeing weird worlds that spring from twisted imaginations or you like seeing insane otherworldy characters you'll probably enjoy it too. "Monkeybone" is not that bad of a movie, but before you rush out and buy a $35 dollar Blu-ray special collector's edition, rent it to see what you think. (On Dvd, June 19, 2014)

Scott R (gb) wrote: With poor writing and directing, the great acting is doomed. It is an interesting story of an attack on a US Embassy in Yemen. It is especially relevant in today's tense political climate, especially after Benghazi.

Dylan K (de) wrote: i was expecting this to be terribly reviewed, and i'm glad i was wrong. Bowfinger is just hilarious and nothing else.

Daniel N (fr) wrote: A desperate drama film that relies too much on the death of cute animals to jerk tears.

TheScarlatescu R (kr) wrote: Greatest Femmes Fatales in Classic Film Noir

Kahlil S (ag) wrote: I would have given it five stars if there was more Ramrod. "Who the fuck is Coco, bitch!?!?!"

Scott W (nl) wrote: Another creepy, atmospheric chiller from Lewton. Karloff is great.

Trevor W (ru) wrote: Fun and suspenseful, this film really succeeds in its tight screenplay filled with witty dialogue and misdirections.