Spider-man 3

Spider-man 3

The seemingly invincible Spider-Man goes up against an all-new crop of villain – including the shape-shifting Sandman. While Spider-Man’s superpowers are altered by an alien organism, his alter ego, Peter Parker, deals with nemesis Eddie Brock and also gets caught up in a love triangle.

Everything is lining up great for Peter: he is doing well at the school, his girlfriend MJ Watson loves him and the whole city loves his crime-fighting alter-ego Spider-Man, finally bestowing upon him the praise he so rightly deserves. But more challenges arise for our young hero. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Navdeep K (br) wrote: The movie hero is from my old hometown Nabha and in the movie hero went to same college as I did Govt. Ripudaman college Nabha

Paul D (us) wrote: This little gem from the 80's kind of got past me on it's original release. While it does have some campy (and classic) 80's moments, I am kind of glad that that I finally got around to seeing it. It's not perfect, but it offers up some entertainment.

Cody C (br) wrote: Starts well, continues well, clever premise, enjoyable characters, cool special effects for such a low budget... and then it just loses steam. It's like it suddenly decides to be two plots at once, and gets real convoluted. It's a damn shame because if they had kept going how they were going this might've been better than Species II. Alas, it's not as good. But not terrible. Worth watching once for sure, if you like the others.

Anthony S (au) wrote: Smart and funny. The use of digital cameras can be a little off puting at times, but the script really makes up for it.

Sean Truthbetold T (gb) wrote: meow. some great quotes in this movie. How about the lady on the porch saying, "There is no answers- only searching"

Team C (ca) wrote: + Dramatic, engrossing tale of desperation & survival... John Wayne as underdog is fascinating to watch... Great visuals & environs set & maintain the frantic tone of the story - Several 'talky' scenes involving the rescue parties slow things down

Jim B (gb) wrote: Cary Grant in a romantic comedy. Nothing more needs to be said.

Jaime L (gb) wrote: Just seemed like a film to push an agenda, the story itself was rather dull with unlikeable characters and the "comedy" did nothing for me. It wasn't terrible but this is something you forget you saw within a week.