Spider-Man: Attack of the Octopus

Spider-Man: Attack of the Octopus


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Spider-Man: Attack of the Octopus torrent reviews

Filip D (ag) wrote: Horribly violent and utterly depressing. I guess I should have been prepared for more violence, but I think this far exceeds any rational limit. It does, however, in an abhorrent manner, show the effects of dehumanisation, the power of thought and power.

Samuel N (nl) wrote: F**k yea love this movie it's a love letter to the horror genre it's super great....u need to watch this I'm glad I own it

Aaron W (it) wrote: Right up there with #AlmsotFamous and #Dodgeball, just a weird marriage of the two.

Morten E (ag) wrote: I have always liked Tom Selleck, and I highly recommend this film. I first saw "Jesse Stone - Sea Change" and I was hooked on the series. This one - my second - is even better. The story and plot takes its time. No rush here, and I dont mean that as a downside. It is like it was shot in the 80's. Everything has to take its time. It's brilliant! Selleck is so cool in these films. He walks around dealing with things while leaving his badge in the desk drawer, and when its action time, he delivers! This one is a prequel to "Stone Cold".

Arslan K (ca) wrote: I enjoyed this film it's a good one. Steve carrel is awesome in this film!

George S (it) wrote: Great film. DJs will appreciate it.

Jordan J (nl) wrote: I enjoyed watching an updated and interesting remake on taming of the shrew in a high school setting. Heath Ledger was very kind, funny and charming with the "bad boy rep" and played his part well as did Julia Stiles in being a stubborn and outspoken teenage girl she takes on the feminist aspect well. Very cute and funny if you're into romcoms with hidden Shakespeare references. I would definitely watch again!

Bruce s (br) wrote: well i like the music/ the was slow & boaring

Lee K (es) wrote: No interest in seeing any sequel to the excellent predecessor.

Josh M (gb) wrote: Luke's progression as a Jedi is very nice to follow. He is now a bad-ass Jedi with confidence, which is a great change of pace from A New Hope and The Empire Strikes Back. The Rebel's final blow is a well put together 3-part sequence that ends with a fulfilling conclusion.

elIbrahim O (us) wrote: Interesting only if you can carry

Tony S (it) wrote: Dr. Phibes returns , Horay !!!!

Ryan H (nl) wrote: Long and slow, The Phantom Menace's poorly written dialogue is mostly made up for by strong action and decent performances.

Toni S (ru) wrote: Delightful romantic comedy featuring two superb performers at the top of their game.

Michael A (de) wrote: silly stupid overacted and yet totally entertaining.