• Rating:
    4.00 out of 5
  • Length:15 minutes
  • Release:2010
  • Language:Spanish
  • Reference:Imdb
  • Keywords:Spiderman 2010 full movies, Spiderman torrents movie

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Spiderman torrent reviews

Gaspar O (us) wrote: Just as good as the original film, but waaaaaaaay too short. And...baby dragons!!! I gotta admit, I lost a tear when Toothless wanted his old tail back on. :)

Johnny R (ag) wrote: Amazing threequel!! It was action-packed and a bit emotional!! The movie will have you cheering on the protagonist!! Tony Jaa is an underrated actor and needs to get more well-known!! This is a must-see for fight fans!!

Noah S (fr) wrote: Okay acting, but it just feels like Disney trying to recycle the concept and success of High School Musical, with no such luck. Unoriginal, bad Jonas brothers acting, and okay songs. Demi's performance was the save, but definitely couldn't pull off a miracle in saving this movie.

Edward F (kr) wrote: "A mistake was made"?? 19 years of a man's life gone is a "mistake"!? Here's a giant, "WHAT IN THE NAME OF FUCK?" to the North Carolina judicial system! ...Crazy bunch of racists. This is an extremely powerful documentary and I raise my glass to Darryl and his advocates who have more patience and strength than I could ever hope for.

Imola L (de) wrote: awesome movie. loved it. great acting.

Ymara H (ru) wrote: Excelente Pelicula, excelentes efectos, gran mensaje, es una pelicula para toda la familia, excelente banda sonora

Rudy P (nl) wrote: What a great portrait of Ali and a very different time!

Adam C (us) wrote: If I had to rank all of John Carpenter's movies, this would be in the bottom five. It's got good special effects but the overall plot is dull and Chevy Chase is good at what he does best, which is not being funny.

Morten L (ru) wrote: Funny. Lenny Henry is one of my favourite comedians.

babak g (gb) wrote: Add a review..Stunning debut film by Dizdar is a unique surprise for short-cuts-style-narrative, seen all trough the contradictions of different worlds of Eastern and Western Europe, war and peace, rality and hallucination and cellmates in each individable unit of the society. A warning for death of humanity and rebirth of genocide, it is a must see in our turbulant world today. .

Patryk C (jp) wrote: This yakuza flick shows a tale of loyalty and honor, in an utmost colorful manner. The scenes are shot perfectly and the dialogues are compelling and intelligent.

Chris Z (es) wrote: Kurosawa's first movie, it's about a kid who learns judo and also wisdom about life. A large chunk (like 20 minutes) of this movie has been lost forever, sadly, so the first half is a little confusing, and his path of transformation into a Judo master is kind of missing, he suddenly is just like The One. Lots of the visual style that Kurosawa so revolutionized. Very neat to watch.