Spin the Bottle

Spin the Bottle

When five childhood friends reunite for a weekend in the country, old jealousies resurface, sexual debauchery ensues, and it quickly becomes clear that time may not heal all wounds...

  • Rating:
    4.00 out of 5
  • Length:83 minutes
  • Release:2000
  • Language:English
  • Reference:Imdb
  • Keywords:dancer,   boat,   dancing,  

When five childhood friends reunite for a weekend in the country, old jealousies resurface, sexual debauchery ensues, and it quickly becomes clear that time may not heal all wounds... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Daniel T (es) wrote: More like Timejacked. Dorff must be desperate. Lucky I was able to fast forward alot of this. Bring back another Blade spinoff or something. Freddy came back from the grave... I'll go TEAM FROST!!!

Juan S (ag) wrote: Felt that this was a so so documentary, the main subject and filmmaker are kind of whiney, this was eh..for me

Grant T (us) wrote: I watched this with my tennis team on a spring break trip. It was very enjoyable to see some laughs by SWS, but overall it almost made fun of the sport too much. I enjoyed it while I was there, but nothing to revisit

Alfredo S (gb) wrote: Spy Kids loses its quality with time, and gives outdated special effects, lame action sequences, and awkward actingPS: (Unbelievable how this movie has such a high-score, higher than LOTR The Fellowship of the Ring by the way, WHICH CAME THE SAME YEAR AS THIS SHIT)

Mike M (ru) wrote: The screenwriter for 'X-Men' and 'X-Men 2' casts one of the newer younger X-Men members for the lead in his 'I promise you its not Twilight for werewolves' movie. In all fairness this isn't a Twilight movie, in fact its a pretty dark menacing werewolf thriller which actually manages to provide us with a half decent Jason Momoa performance, he actually fits here.

miranda (br) wrote: great loved movie and show

Josh P (es) wrote: An underrated comedy, with quite a few memorable moments.

Chantal L (mx) wrote: Just horrible !! A dismembered hand goes around killing people. It worked in Evil Dead 2 but definitely not here. Somewhat of a period piece, it's extremely slow and low on gore. Peter Cushing is the one redeeming factor but plays a minor role.

I dont know w (mx) wrote: Looks like a good Howard Hawks film.

Greg W (es) wrote: good rom-dram told mostly in flashbacks

Chris B (de) wrote: "Design for Living" since It's inception has been dubbed a critical failure due to the time and Ernst Lubitsch changing all the original dialogue, save one line. Even though the film was made in 1933, it was very open and expressive in its sexual themes but in a way that it got around the censors. A mere few years later however, it didn't meet the guidelines on the censors and disappeared for quite some time. The film revolves around a sexually free woman and her trials involving two handsome men (played wonderfully by Fredric March and Gary Cooper) that she meets on a train. The two men fall for Gilda Farrell (played by a lovely and beautiful Miriam Hopkins) and she starts relationships with both. They quickly discover each others involvement with Gilda and jealously arises causing Gilda to leave both men for Mr. Plunkett with whom she marries. In the end both men come to terms that the three can work out their complicated relationship and all remain together. The miserable Gilda is saved from her misery by the two men and Mr. Pluckett agrees to a divorce (He's eluded to as being gay although it is never declared). The film pushed the boundaries and censors and that's to be respected in my opinion and the film is a fun and witty watch with hidden meanings to avoid censorship. Recommend!

Timothy M (fr) wrote: Masterpiece. The first major film to have a twist ending. Won't give it away because I know how much my Facebook friends love movies from the 1920's!!

Tami B (ag) wrote: I enjoyed this movie...despite the dismal reviews, maybe it is because I am such a super-fan of Keven Kline, Maggie Smith and Kristin Scott Thomas, but what ever the reason...I felt good at the end after watching it...It didn't hurt the movie for me that it was based in my favorite city...Paris!

Ryan T (gb) wrote: I would call this one of those rare perfect films. It hits all the marks, and has a depth that is subtle enough not to be pretentious and profound enough to hit all the right notes.

Donnie B (us) wrote: It's pretty amazing. I'm not in love with the twist, but it's still quite a film.

Harry W (fr) wrote: Burnt Offerings wouldn't have reached my appeal if it didn't feature the presence of the late Karen Black in the lead role, but since she was in it and even Burgress Merideth, I thought "Why not?"I should have put more focus into thinking "Why?" because Burnt Offerings is a painstakingly slow horror film whicih is bereft of a thrilling atmosphere or any real source of entertainment for the majority of the film. The quality of it, in terms of visuals and general factors brought it to the scale of being a made-for-TV movie and it emitted unbelieveable boredom which felt like it went on for hours. In actuality, I had sat through 20 minutes of a boring horror film with only the horror of being horrendously slow in its pacing and not sufficient enough to keep the viewer stimulated for long enough to get to any of the real horror or to explain what the hell the plot was and what relevance it was to the story. Its not worth sticking around to find out, and trying to is a big challenge. Turning it off was the best decision I made in approach to this lacklustre borefest which can only hold the achievement of being a slightly better version of Manos: Hands of Fate at best.