Spirit Camp

Spirit Camp

When a street smart "goth girl" (Roxy Vandiver) is forced to attend cheerleader camp as part of her rehabilitation from a juvenile correction facility, she clashes with the "popular girls," and finds herself embroiled in a bitter rivalry with the bitchy ringleader Rachel (Julin). But when members of the spirit squad start turning up dead, the girls must put aside their differences and struggle to survive the murderous rage of a crazed psycho-killer lurking among them!

When a street smart "goth girl" (Roxy Vandiver) is forced to attend cheerleader camp as part of her rehabilitation from a juvenile correction facility, she clashes with the "popular girls,"... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Nisha S (kr) wrote: Heartwarming Tale of True Love

Paul G (ru) wrote: Hilarious and I wish it was longer

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Becca W (de) wrote: A great British crime flick with some interesting twists.

Lee P (au) wrote: On of Martin Scorcese's first films. Not very good and messy but this looks like MS just wanted to test to see what he can get away with. The last 5mins is pure camera techniques that we have seen in his personel best few the years.

Grant A (ru) wrote: Bette Davis is the shit! She always plays crazy.

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