Spirit of the Forest

Spirit of the Forest

The Spirit of the Forest is a fun-filled, action-packed adventure that takes you into a spectacular world beyond your imagination! The evil Mrs. D’Abondo wants to help a powerful businessman build a highway through the middle of the forest, a diabolical plan that forces the forest creatures to flee. To stop Mrs. D’Abondo and save their homes, Furi leads his friends in a daring mission to keep the forest alive.

A powerful businessman wants to build a highway through the forest. One of the town's most evil character, Mrs D'Abondo, loves the idea and orders her husband to cut down the trees. ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Carlos M (kr) wrote: Teller and Woodley are excellent and have an impressive chemistry together in this sincere coming-of-age drama that feels more real and mature than most films alike, and it even ventures into a surprisingly bleak territory without the need to go for clichs and contrivances.

Natalie O (es) wrote: Most of the characters are pretty awful, including the dull lead (Tina Fey why?) but Poehler stands out and is worth watching even though I kept wishing this film would quit being a comedy and she would really get nasty.

Willoe T (kr) wrote: Fine example of effects of tech advance.

Dark S (nl) wrote: if it wasn't for Michael T. weiss, I would of never seen it, and yeah, he has his shirt off! *drools*

joe b (nl) wrote: Curtis's best work..yes a bit campy but the constant level of movement and sound...keep you anticipating

Tony F (ca) wrote: The Hunting Party is an old school Western. What I find interesting about the movie is Bergen's character, abducted by a gang of deperados, finally gives in to her captor knowing her husband is kind of a jerk and perhaps may not appreciate her to whatever extent that means. The premise of the movie, Oliver Reed's character mistakings Bergen for a school marm and off she goes. This ignites an already sadistic Hackman (character) and the plot twist is he is in possession of new fangled telescope rifles with 800 yard range. A huge break through in technology for the times and allows Hackman's posse to pick the bad guys off 1 by 1 from range. Good cinematography, decent acting, fair share of dirtbag characters getting theirs, and some wild stuff along the way. I've seen it a few times and for those Western lovers, give it a look see.

Levi C (mx) wrote: For those that don't get scared by horror movies probably don't want to watch this because it is simpleminded and can put you to sleep. If you are afraid of dolls or clowns like me as a child, this movie gets intense for you. Although they keep jump scares as their main focus, the stories end just blows your mind and makes you want to watch how all of it happened in the first place.

Private U (us) wrote: With Bridges in a key role it had promise. However it lacked any tension and failed to deliver a compelling story. So the great FX and beasts were left to try and carry the movie. All it needed was a better script, more tension and pace.

Tyler R (de) wrote: There are parts that make you think about the current state of affairs in Unthinkable. And then there are the other parts surrounding those parts that make you think about what the hell went wrong with the screenwriting. Unthinkable has the FBI team up with an interrogator who's methods are barbaric, though they get results. It really seems like this film revels in shock value. That would be fine, but the "shocks" come in the form of lapses in judgement and jumps in logic. A character will be dead set against an action until the plot needs them to change their mind, without any second thoughts or guesses. This happens all too often, and it even leads to an exceptionally laughable and poorly thought out ending. In terms of acting, that is also all over the place. The primary three hold their own, but their poor writing has them bounce all over in terms of motivations. There are also some visual effects, but they looked like bargain bin syfy channel effects. Luckily, just like this film, they are fleeting and quickly forgotten.