Spirit of the Marathon

Spirit of the Marathon

The first ever feature-length film to capture the essence, drama and unique spectacle of the famed 26.2-mile race, the production features five runners - three amateurs and two elites - as ...

The first ever feature-length film to capture the essence, drama and unique spectacle of the famed 26.2-mile race, the production features five runners - three amateurs and two elites - as ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Kelly B (ru) wrote: I saw this on TMC a while back, I really liked it. Look at all the names that is in it...

james p (kr) wrote: If only they could do this in live action

Liv S (nl) wrote: Berlin Film Festival 07' Crystal Bear (14+)

George T (fr) wrote: The ending had a lot of meaning and made watching the whole film worth while

Hannah D (ru) wrote: This is a dark comedy with a strong cast including one of my all-time favourites, Maggie Smith. It took me a while to get into it, but I really enjoyed it once it got going. There were also lots of lovely scenes of Cornwall and The Isle of Man.

Steven C (it) wrote: Awesome movie I forgot to do rate it but I wish they'd make another one I say them when they were made but love them awesome movie

Eric Y (it) wrote: Hmm, finding forrester. This movie was pretty interesting, it had started pretty slow and boring, but it got very good very fast. With Sean Connery as the costar this movie got a lot of attention. This had a very well planned storyline and the actors were so fantastic in each of their parts I truly believed this story. The gradual change of forrester and Jamal kept the viewers interested in the movie. Gus Van Sant truly did a fantastic job with directing this film. There was absolutely no reason for anyone to not enjoy this film.The way each character(TM)s personality was changed uniquely truly allowed for a very complex yet well made story and kept viewers interested in what would happen next. With the character jamal, it was truly hard to figure what he(TM)d do next, that(TM)s what made it so perfect he could(TM)ve have gone and decided to ignore forrester and continue on his way and he could(TM)ve stayed at his old school. so much could~ve happened for his character and it was impossible to guess. The same thing with forrester i had no idea whether he would just never talk to jamal or if he'd continue to help him.This movie was unique and fantastic.

Brandon W (ru) wrote: I'm honestly surprised, I had a great time watching Death Race in a B movie sort of way. I'm sure that the original is better as this is just stupid. The writing can be really terrible at times with some groans, and some unintentionally funny moments. It did kept me interested as the pace is really fast but it took some breaks to get some relive. The acting is solid from Jason Statham, Joan Allen, Ian McShane, and Tyrese Gibson. The car races are exciting to watch, and the crashes are fantastic to see. The characters are very stock like, and action is really good. It is really cool to see Jason Statham in a different kind of movie that is not like his usual films, and I'm glad that I saw it which is rare to see from a Paul W.S. Anderson film.

Fred T (ag) wrote: Pretty Fuckin Solid Film! really enjoyed it when it came out, arguably Wan's best work to date! John Goodman crushes his role!! Bacon also delivers an impressive yet chilling performance!

Dan C (jp) wrote: These things don't age well. It's boobs and blood and bad dialogue in an Evil Dead derived set up. It's got some good gore here and there but in the end I guess I just don't find 80s cheese charming.

Justin A (au) wrote: That was something else.

Christopher R (it) wrote: It is so GI Joe 28 years before hand. Probably better too!!!

Ashley H (ru) wrote: One of the last of the old-style Westerns. John Wayne doing his stuff as only he can - huge shoot-outs, classic fist fights, goodies and baddies amazingly clearly defined, thumping score, and that amazing landscape. Ben Johnson is superb as an underrated character actor. The script was good and the direction was excellent. This film is a must see if you are a fan of John Wayne or westerns.

Brandon W (jp) wrote: Doom is an all right video game adaptation that actually didn't insulted the video game itself. The acting is not great, but the only actors that were trying a bit but isn't one of their best performances, are Dwayne Johnson, Keith Urban, and Rosamund Pike. The script by David Callaham and Wesley Strick is not that good and it does have some unintentional funny lines. When it changed the fact that in the movie that it's a virus that happened instead of an invasion from hell is not the worst thing the filmmakers could've done, but it makes the film less original and fans of the video game would agree that the film should've had the same plot as the video game. The effects look good and I'm glad that it's practical and not CGI, although the the stuff that needs CG looks really good. The action scenes are not bad, especially the first-person perspective which is the best part of the film and it really felt like a Doom game until it ended which was really disappointing, and it made me wish that the whole movie is like this which can work with the right script to make it interesting. Doom is definitely not the worst video game adaptation I've seen, but it's a mediocre film that kind of reminds me of other science-fiction films that are better than this.

Nick L (fr) wrote: For a parody movie pretty funny, all the Fast and Furious movies rolled into one.