Splatter Disco

Splatter Disco

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The owner of a fetish club finds out that, along with dealing with his wife who wants to leave him, his dying father, and the city wanting to close his club, he now has to deal with a psycho killer that's offing his employees and patrons. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Greg W (jp) wrote: very very slowly paced and not much of a mystery either

Gwen D (au) wrote: Rather a slow pace, but I loved this film. Could not believe Anne Consigny was going to marry that lump of a fiance of hers. Jean-Claude as the 50 year old guy she becomes attracted to is an unexpected choice, but the gradual development of their attraction to each other and the ensuing friendship is touching and beautiful. The continous drabness of all the apartments and offices used in the films, just emphasises the characters empty lives.

Adil D (es) wrote: another theives rob theives movie with some valuable art, where the bad guy falls in love with the cop...


Justin C (br) wrote: Great book, horrible movie.

Sterlin R (au) wrote: A great comedy with Eddie Murphy and Dan Aykroyd. They have good chemistry and deliver their humor to the audience very smoothly.

Justin F (au) wrote: As I was watching 'Happy Girthday To Me' I realized I had seen snippets as a child growing up in the '80s. Totally absurd flick, especially the kebabs-by-the-fire scene. Mary Ingalls in a career-defining role.

Tristan M (fr) wrote: Hear this one way be a remake, but honestly I couldn't help but enjoy it. Mel Gibson does a great job playing the role of a distressed cop and dad of a murdered daughter who was right in from of him, who has nothing to lose and a killer to take down. Something we have seen before for sure, but this one is enjoyable and fun to watch. Mel's good, but is a little lacking on the emotion, which may be intended but not from what I can gather. The story is standard police content, the search, breaking a couple of laws, some action, and their personalities. The big corporations that he's against pose a unusually large threat than just gangs and murderers. The action takes a turn for the most bloody right off the bat when the daughter is shot at point blank range right at their doorstep, and Mel taking down the big corporations employe who was trying to run over the girl that was giving him inside information with a car was awesome too. But the real best part was the ending, where Mel's slays his daughters killer and the big companies boss in the most fashionable and awesome way possible, then seeing him walking out of the hospital holding his daughters hand implying him dying of his wounds was great. Has some good actors as well as Mel, who all do well, although there's nothing extraordinary. Overall good movie, very entertaining watch, some awesome action scenes, satisfying executions of bad guys, and good script. Would watch again for sure.

Bruno D (mx) wrote: A B horror film full of cringe and cheese. This movie feels like 2 different films smashed together into one movie that doesn't take itself seriously and doesn't even try to remotely resemble a good film with it's really awful cohesiveness and transitions. It's honestly pretty good at what its doing and the really bad parts are part of the charm of the film.

Charlie J (kr) wrote: Fantastic movie. Great cast, fabulous acting, and the soundtrack of the movie might actually be better than the actual film!

Blake D (jp) wrote: to me its one of the best out of the series, it doesn't have things that the other ones in the series had that i didn't like and its not full with nothing but sex!. maybe im just a sucker for movies that isn't perfect? who knows

Kimmer S (au) wrote: Starring George Hamilton as a sexy, campy, silly Dracula.

Sam O (es) wrote: The sequel was slightly cheesy because the fact that there was a castle on Rechienbach falls...yes as I said previously I liked the fact that they do it their own way BUT if you basing a film on the book then don't add a castle or anything stupid like that into it...but we're waiting for the sequel to see how he actually faked his death

Sarah G (jp) wrote: Oh, i can't wait for this one! :)