Splendori e miserie di Madame Royale

Splendori e miserie di Madame Royale

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Splendori e miserie di Madame Royale torrent reviews

Lasse C (us) wrote: A competent Danish thriller carried by some really strong acting.

Lilianetty l (nl) wrote: Not bad, good animation, but the story is not new (time machines, dinosaurs? Old story...). 3 stars of 5. Kids may like it (it's a good way to introduce them dinosaur history...but is not real even, oh well. Adults may like it too). Enjoy. - February 18, 2014.

Jess (mx) wrote: Man, the racism in this movie towards white people was just way too much. I've noticed that with movies/shows with a black cast, they have to bring up white people. Oh well, half a star because I feel bad that the writers couldn't think of anything else. What a drag.

Eve A (br) wrote: I remember watching this movie and thinking it must have been made on a budget of $3 and in someone's backyard. Utterly horrible. But a great movie to laugh at!

Frank J (nl) wrote: Un beau suspense tiss dans un mlange de Memento et de Dcadence qui, je dois l'avouer, m'a plutt surpris. Pour un film de 2007, on y retrouve des plans varis et un scnario comme je l'aime.

Niil O (it) wrote: Vaikka elokuva oli toooodella kehnosti toteutettu, kankeasti n?ytelty ja juoneltaan kliseinen, siin? oli mukava tunnelma, josta pidin!!! Musiikki, erityisesti "dramaattisissa" kohtauksissa oli todella t?ker??.

Steve S (ca) wrote: One of Sylvester Stallone's better cinematic moments. He plays n underdog here which suits him.

Jeremy D (br) wrote: A hilarious dark comedy from the 90's. There needs to be more movies like this.

Devon C (us) wrote: lee ving is such a good bad guy

Jason C (ca) wrote: The use of shaving cream as snow is one of the most pathetic movie moments I can think of.

Scott M (mx) wrote: Extremely cheesy movie I still really enjoy about a boxer during really hard times back in the 1930's. Russell Crowe is awesome. Good movie. But so over the top with its sentiment. To a point of silliness.

JohnnyLee T (ru) wrote: Intelligent, well-acted relationship drama. Ended suddenly, for me. Always enthralling. Maybe stretched the limits at times - but a lot had to be covered in a relatively short time.

Shane D (ru) wrote: I rented the hell out of this film back in the day, and like most kids of the time, thought there was nothing better than a VHS film starring Chevy Chase. For nostalgia alone, it's still a good little watch, sure it's dated plenty, but who hasn't?!