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Spökhotellet torrent reviews

Brendon M (es) wrote: Upon repeat viewings, one of Schrader's most tender, best looking, best acted and least compellingly written story of the inner torment of American male transformation from a happily shallow and passive erudite to a pained fully feeling mature human being.

hayley b (ca) wrote: This wasn't amazing, but at least i didn't fall asleep. This was quite a weird film

David W (nl) wrote: Among a Cult Classic! Dodgeball Makes fun of all the cliches in a underdog story for being over the top

Rosanna Y (nl) wrote: Took me a while to get into it but it is intriguing.

Caitlin B (de) wrote: I love Steve Buscemi.

Stephen S (ag) wrote: funny but totally inaccurate portrayal of cork

Steve D (kr) wrote: One of my favorites as a kid very cute

Brian S (kr) wrote: true-to-form Fred & Ginger musical comedy, though this one was a little lacking on the music. worked out well though--tap-dancing golf and a slow-motion dream sequence added some nice highlights. I especially enjoyed how the comedic focus was more on Ginger--lets her show off some hilarious antics and look even more adorable. great as usual.

Laura Z (fr) wrote: Que horror!!!! como perd hora y media de mi vida

William R (gb) wrote: Why Anna Kendrick would act in this abomination is truly bizarre

Jennifer T (es) wrote: I love Halloween but this movie is no fun to watch. Avoid at all costs. Boring, stupid and it sucks. I can't believe people actually like this movie!

Chris G (gb) wrote: Fuck yeah. Guys, it's a YouTube movie. Not freakin Marvel. It's a fun movie.