Spring and Port Wine

Spring and Port Wine

A stern father and lenient mother try to deal with the ups and downs of their four children's lives in working class Bolton.

A stern father and lenient mother try to deal with the ups and downs of their four children's lives in working class Bolton. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Justin M (it) wrote: no plot, no acting, no direction, and every scary movie cliche ever conceived. please avoid this film.

Ma C (it) wrote: woo alyssa milano! but stil...

Robert G (fr) wrote: Nowhere near Spike Lee's best film but nowhere near his wrest either. Honestly I was expecting so much more out of this film about black soldiers is WWII. Fact is the movie is okay, any war movie buff will enjoy it.

Russell H (de) wrote: I don't really consider this a true Bond film. I don't think it's part of the official series. Either way, it was cool seeing Connery back in the roll even though he's too old. Cool to see the video game style pain duel. The effects are getting much better but it suffers from the same thing as the others. It goes on too long and it's hard to pay attention.

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Maxime B (ca) wrote: 2 Stars for the damned zoom in. Since when do we have the right to zoom in? It's one of the base rule of film-making.

Sarah S (es) wrote: With Peter Lawford and June Allison who could ask for more?

Josiah B (de) wrote: Gorgeous in spectacle, story, and music.

Sean K (mx) wrote: The jokes wear thin in this scattershot entry in the Powers trilogy...

Hardy C (ca) wrote: The critics are too hard on this little indy film, chock full of Oscar winners like Thornton and Dern. The plot holes are kind of obvious but the direction is brisk and the plot turns enough to keep this moving along nicely. I was pleasantly surprised. When I contrast this with the disappointment I had watching the big budget film Sicario, which the RT critics praised to the skies, I realize there's a major disconnect between their opinions and mine.

Paul D (ag) wrote: Still an awesome movie to this day! Robin Williams made me both laugh and feel in this film. His Academy Award nomination for this film was well earned.

Geon T (kr) wrote: took me forever to watch, seemed like a rom-com.....and it is, kind of. David Wain just makes fun of those movies. Rips them to shred. This movie is hilarious.

Bill B (nl) wrote: Since it always holds up amazingly well, I gave this the now standard re-watch for Halloween this year:This was actually well worth the wait, a fun little blend of the seasons' superstitions, along with some great visuals and character design. The overall feel is that of a warm fall evening in a small town, and I really dug the way the four different storylines were interwoven throughout the film.This is something I will re-watch before Halloween rolls around, within the next two weeks, which is a rarity for me, but it's just so much damned fun.Recommended.

Jason J (nl) wrote: A predictable twist on a villain being a hero and bringing the series full circle.

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Ed T (br) wrote: Not for the faint of heart. Still trying to decide if this was pretentious drivel or mind-bending masterpiece. Enter at your own risk.