Spring Breakers

Spring Breakers

After four college girls rob a restaurant to fund their spring break in Florida, they get entangled with a weird dude with his own criminal agenda.

Brit, Candy, Cotty, and Faith have been best friends since grade school. They live together in a boring college dorm and are hungry for adventure. All they have to do is save enough money for spring break to get their shot at having some real fun. A serendipitous encounter with rapper "Alien" promises to provide the girls with all the thrill and excitement they could hope for. With the encouragement of their new friend, it soon becomes unclear how far the girls are willing to go to experience a spring break they will never forget. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Fred K (ru) wrote: Not so bad movie, but in my eyes it is still Magnum. Nice story but not a keeper...

Elijah P (jp) wrote: Random actor's showcase? Yes. Strange and hard to follow? Yes. However, I absolutely loved the hop-scotch plot style, the primitively honest interviews, and the mundane yet profound look at men and their issues. Contradictory? Yes, but I guess everyone's allowed their taste. It seemed that I just forgot about the details and absorbed the absolutely realistic and fascinating dialog. This kept me wrapped up until the end and left me hoping it would last longer. The actors mostly nailed their parts btw.

Donibscottctcisnet D (ru) wrote: This movie is so B! It is funny and hopelessly unexciting. The thing this movie will do is make you laugh. No thinking necessary, just kick back and enjoy.

Bret W (au) wrote: A lovely film, easily one of Takeshi's best.

Billy S (nl) wrote: very good mix of comedy and horror

David S (de) wrote: Siegel's ability to create tension is in evidence here, but there is way too much speechifying for this to be engrossing.

Chris B (ag) wrote: "Design for Living" since It's inception has been dubbed a critical failure due to the time and Ernst Lubitsch changing all the original dialogue, save one line. Even though the film was made in 1933, it was very open and expressive in its sexual themes but in a way that it got around the censors. A mere few years later however, it didn't meet the guidelines on the censors and disappeared for quite some time. The film revolves around a sexually free woman and her trials involving two handsome men (played wonderfully by Fredric March and Gary Cooper) that she meets on a train. The two men fall for Gilda Farrell (played by a lovely and beautiful Miriam Hopkins) and she starts relationships with both. They quickly discover each others involvement with Gilda and jealously arises causing Gilda to leave both men for Mr. Plunkett with whom she marries. In the end both men come to terms that the three can work out their complicated relationship and all remain together. The miserable Gilda is saved from her misery by the two men and Mr. Pluckett agrees to a divorce (He's eluded to as being gay although it is never declared). The film pushed the boundaries and censors and that's to be respected in my opinion and the film is a fun and witty watch with hidden meanings to avoid censorship. Recommend!

Pep R (ca) wrote: This was my introduction to the Mission Impossible franchise, and I was immediately on board. It really makes the best out of a generic action movie plot with stunning action sequences and appealing characters. The tension is some of the scenes is palpable as you clench onto your seat. Bonus point for my favorite actor Jeremy Renner, who I can't see enough of!