Springfield Rifle

Springfield Rifle

Major Lex Kearney, dishonorably discharged from the army for cowardice in battle, has actually volunteered to go undercover to try to prevent raids against shipments of horses desperately needed for the Union war effort. Falling in with the gang of jayhawkers and Confederate soldiers who have been conducting the raids, he gradually gains their trust and is put in a position where he can discover who has been giving them secret information revealing the routes of the horse shipments.

Major Lex Kearny becomes the North's first counterespionage agent as he tries to discover who's behind the theft of Union cavalry horses in Colorado during the Civil War. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Pasha A (br) wrote: not my favorite type of movies.

Michelle L (es) wrote: One of my favorite movies of all time! So much fun, hilarity, and girl power rolled into one movie!!!

Warren S (ag) wrote: Question: Which character from Don Bluth's "Anastasia" was interesting enough to deserve a feature-length prequel?Answer: Freaking ANYONE but Bartok.I mean, really? Rasputin's useless little albino bat sidekick who spontaneously decided not to participate in the magical battle at "Anastasia"'s climax and thus was gifted by providence with some kind of deformed pink bat groupie?The movie's tagline puzzles me. "The Lovable Hero from 'Anastasia 1/2' is Back!"? He was not lovable, he was annoying and inconsistent. He was not a hero, he was a spy for Rasputin whose loyal services nearly got Anastasia and Marya Fyodorovna murdered within the first five minutes of the first movie. Since this is a prequel, rather than a sequel, I am not sure in what sense he is "back", and while they assert that he is "from 'Anastasia'" I even call *that* into question, because the two films hardly seem to take place in the same universe. 'Anastasia' took place in a quasi-realistic reimagining of Europe post-Bolshevik Revolution; 'Bartok the Magnificent' takes place in a high fantasy version of Russia populated by fictional rather than historical Tsars, where talking bats and bears and witches are taken at face value and legendary figures like Baba Yaga make regular appearances.All of that said, I had a soft spot for this film. It was funny and clever and entertaining, and watching Don Bluth give life to the folklore of Baba Yaga was a delight. Bartok was decidedly less annoying here than he was in "Anastasia" and he actually earned his happy ending--although the film does not even attempt to address the question of how this "heroic" character ended up in the employ of Rasputin at all, and by the end of "Bartok" I was fairly convinced that they were in fact two completely different talking Russian albino bats who happened to have the same name and voice. I've already pointed out that the tagline is deceptive.

Jennifer M (fr) wrote: Aw it brings out the 8 year old in me

Thomas L (gb) wrote: I really liked this movie. In the same catagory as the Rookie, Frequency, and a number of watchable and enjoyable movies that have a few spots where your stomach twitches and your eyes well up. Feel good moments! That's what a movie is supposed to do?

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Dave S (es) wrote: The idea/ premise of this movie was really good. The story itself ws pretty meh. I agree with JT that this movie would have been better had they tried to take more of a solid suspense feel rather than a horror movie direction. Ethan Hawke is a good actor and did fine in this movie. Most of the acting was good except for the "main" villain. He was pretty weak. And for a horror, that's not a part that should be weak. I like the moral of the movie at the end. It is a scary idea that I could see how the movie could become a reality.

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