Sprookjesboom de Film

Sprookjesboom de Film

Friends from the land of the Fairy Tale Tree become trapped in Winterland and must find 5 magical crystals to return home.

Friends from the land of the Fairy Tale Tree become trapped in Winterland and must find 5 magical crystals to return home. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Carlos Z (jp) wrote: Cute movie. Sometimes a little to much angst.

Angela L (fr) wrote: even good cinematography can't save this awfully boring film.

Rameshwar I (ca) wrote: I have seen worse. I have seen B-. I have seen crazy. So I was not surprised that I could sit through a movie which is a bit of all - more of the latter. A mostly grotesque & violent treatment with occasional cocky humor packaged into a preposterous plot line and best of all - plays it straight.Henry Oldfield (Nathan Meister) has left his countryside farm after his father's death and an incident which left him scared of sheep. He returns 15 years later to collect his share of the estate after his brother Angus Oldfield (Peter Feeney) an award winning farmer. When all seems going to plan, he stumbles on a nature loving girl Experience (Danielle Mason) who is out to expose Angus's illegal genetic experiments on sheep. When a hazardous genetic sample goes into the wrong hands and let lose, it causes mayhem by turning the entire herd into zombie version of the sheep.I reserve my comments on the overall performances - not sure if they were playing cocky or straight or intentionally goofy at times. Credit goes to the director who seems to know his way around creating slick tense scenes which is effectively edited and decently presented. The photography while being orthodox, still presents the lush landscapes of New Zealand country sides as beautiful as they are. CGI is still quite expensive during its making, so credit also goes into shooting the scenes where the sheep munches on what looks like human insides. The short run-time does a great job in not exhausting the viewer who probably would have started to think how ridiculous this movie actually is had it gone any longer.A par B movie that took this crazy premise as extreme as it could.

Tero H (au) wrote: List of pluses and minuses:+ intriguing idea for a story in this french action movie- not used to its full extent, the story remains a bit superficial in my opinion+ great acting, especially Anne Parillaud is great as+ story goes on with ease, never boring- but somehow Nikita is gotten rid of too easily at the end of the film, some sort of 'closure' or at least one scene where she's doing something with her new found life would have been such (compare the end of the first Bourne-film)+ despite its violence it has lots of exciting action and is funny as well

David L (de) wrote: Soylent Green is well-acted, often very relevant, sometimes very emotional and its take on the future is quite visionary, but the film's element of mystery and police prodecural is not as interesting as its sci-fi element plus it is uneven in basically every regard, but it is a solid film nonetheless thanks to a great premise, performances and statement.

Ethan T (mx) wrote: i used to watch this a lot when i was little haha

Lisa W (au) wrote: I didn't expect to like it, but we all did.

Mark N (it) wrote: Blade Runner on a very, very limited budget. Taking some high fantasy ideas and cheapening them down to cliche action scenes is nothing new and Trancers is especially cheaply made but still a movie that spawned more than its fair share of sequels. The most notable element is an early, and pretty poor, performance from Helen Hunt who would go on to star in 2 more in the series. Thomerson seems especially lecherous in his pursuit of Hunt's character and are laughably mismatched. Fun if you like bad movies with nonsense science.

Gordon C (au) wrote: Pretty solid. Vintage Redford and Heckman, can't go wrong. Got the Criterion version with enhanced pic quality: amazing.

Matthew V (au) wrote: You will never see Morgan Freeman in a more bad-ass role