Over the course of three days Ross, a college dropout addicted to crystal-meth, encounters a variety of oddball folks - including a stripper named Nikki and her boyfriend, the local meth producer, The Cook - but all he really wants to do is hook up with his old girlfriend, Amy.

Ross, an addict badly in need of some speed and Nikki, a 'speed freak', pay a visit to Nikki's boyfriend, The Cooks, at his meth lab. Ross then is put into service as The Cooks errand boy and chauffeur, with only brief periods of freedom to check up on the stripper girlfriend he left tied to his bed back at his apartment. A crazy three-day adventure ensues. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


Spun torrent reviews

Patrick B (fr) wrote: Pretty good overall movie that any animal lover will enjoy. Family friendly and cute.

Dale E (de) wrote: What a wonderful movie, Funny, sad, poignant and a sheer delight to watch

Bill T (de) wrote: Simply hideous. 4 magicians get together for reasons that are totally unclear for a stupid three tiered magic trick. They fool everyone, the police, the public, everyone. Character arcs are spoken of, and are instantly forgotten about. This movie is 2 hours long, but it feels like it should have been 4 just to explain everything going on, A complete waste of time.

Elly L (es) wrote: Artistic and motivating, one of those movies you could watch again and again and each time find something new in it. I love the homemade look to everything. A journey I will never forget.

Mayank R (nl) wrote: It's a good movie .. made up of 10 ten-twelve mins short stories. Some on them really good, speciallly the one with Shabana Aazmi and Naseeruddin Shah and the one with Amrita Singh and Minisha Lamab.

Grant S (ru) wrote: Had potential, but drifted and had its punches blunted by the jumbled delivery. Could have been a powerful statement on crime and its consequences, but instead was an average, convoluted, haphazard movie.David Arquette proves, once again, that he only gets roles because of his surname. Other performances are OK.

Ryan C (jp) wrote: good eddie murphy fun

Syed H (br) wrote: I'm happy to be the first person to comment on this movie. It's a clean cut, romantic and a funny movie which deals in friendship also and how friendship can scatter leading to a misunderstanding once success comes in-between.

James M (mx) wrote: A misguided attempt to revive the tired old formula. Carry On films belong in the past and should have been left there.

Chris S (au) wrote: Laughably bad, hilariously fun.

Kieran T (kr) wrote: is Robbie Lee the worst actress ever??? oooh, Thandie Newton may have something to say about that, but she is close none the less. Joannie Nail was runs, thats about it.

Olly H (ca) wrote: schner spaghetti western

Cale K (es) wrote: One of my favorite musicals ever plus I am a huge Beatles fan so that's a plus

Luke L (es) wrote: What I thought about Jurassic Park. It is so awesome the special effects hold up a bit, but what I'm really looking at is the character development it was handled really neatly by director Steven Spielberg, but my favorite scene is with the t-rex really great movie but the sequels suck alot.

Eloisa Rae A (fr) wrote: Well-written. Another good work by the Duplass bros.

Matt H (kr) wrote: Very creepy and cool.