Spy in Your Eye

Spy in Your Eye

A secret agent is assigned ot rescue the daughter of a deceased East German scienist, who discovered a valuable formula.

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Michael T (br) wrote: Woody Allen is a master at his craft, and 'Hollywood Ending' is another very funny film, poking fun at the Hollywood system, and the process of film-making itself.

Adam R (ag) wrote: Creative and sweet! One of the best Pixar movies to date. (First viewing - Fall 2001 in theaters)

James M (de) wrote: Low-key road movie with principal focus on the relationship of three brothers.

Ahmed A (nl) wrote: Just terrible movie, no point, no story.just nothing

Lou S (mx) wrote: I guess this is one of those "Killing is only bad sometimes" movies

Anthony S (kr) wrote: I almost started laughing at times when the lead was talking about how she was black. This is due to the fact that she is so blantanly white. Other than then getting pass this disbelief it is a pretty strong film with a strong theme especially for its time period.

Mark L (jp) wrote: Another excuse to showcase the Glenn Miller Orchestra in a feature film. Superb performances all round and endearing story.

Matthew A (fr) wrote: 3rd Tarzan film fell victim to the censors. The initial cut of Tarzan Escapes proved to blood curdling for preview audiences. MGM fired the original director, and replaced him with a second, who reshot and recut the entire movie. When MGM screened this cut, the film's violence still proved to be too potent. MGM fired the second director, and replaced him with a 3rd and a 4th. The film's first half displays the potential of this picture as do some moments in its choppy second half, which is a mish-mash of used and unused footage from earlier pictures. A decent curio that could've been great.

John P (gb) wrote: The sequel to the Disney classic is not as good nor as charming as the first one. The animation is pretty campy.

Maia T (it) wrote: Amazing movie, it also shows what can happen to mankind in the future.

Wade H (us) wrote: Gibson's return is welcoming, but to step in a film all to familiar with other thrillers. The suspense is good and the plot has some decent twist and turns.

Armando P (nl) wrote: Interesting start but lack of story development.

Brendon M (nl) wrote: The final major masterpiece from THE American auteur. Tragicomic, with hazy morals fogging the screen, a completely captivating film. More powerful w each viewing.