Spy Kids

Spy Kids

Carmen and Juni think their parents are boring. Little do they know that in their day, Gregorio and Ingrid Cortez were the top secret agents from their respective countries. They gave up that life to raise their children. Now, the disappearances of several of their old colleagues forces the Cortez' return from retirement. What they didn't count on was Carmen and Juni joining the "family business."

Two greatest secret spies Ingrid and Gregorio Cortez used to be rivals, they were sent to eliminate each other, but instead, they fell in love. Now they eventually retire and have two children, Carmen and Juni. 10 years later they are kidnapped and now it's up to their children to save them, and save the world. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


Spy Kids torrent reviews

Paul D (kr) wrote: Excellent documentary for film buff's on a man behind the camera who spanned so many generations of movie makers.

deepika T (kr) wrote: its simply superb comedy movie...

Mike L (gb) wrote: Je m'attendais a beaucoup plus, mais un bon film quand mme. Francois Ltourneau est toujours parfait dans son role de gars sans confiance en lui.

Freeman M (au) wrote: Predictable and manipulative, but also gorgeously shot.

Freeman M (fr) wrote: Okay, but halfway through, it seems to forget what the point of its own story is.

Dij B (it) wrote: Love this little movie. Jane Horrocks' voice is just amazing and she mimics the greats superbly. Ewan McGregor's character is goofy and loveable and the rest of the support cast is fantastic. Great soundtrack.

Peter B (gb) wrote: Nah. If by some bad accident you get a copy of this and you put it in your cupboard for later, dont fret, dont watch, keep the "skeletons" in the cupboard.

Jaie Y (br) wrote: It was okay....Jared gives it his all but the story is just slow and rather bland. Sidenote to all my fangirl friends: YOU GET TO SEE JARED NAKED

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Astrid T (us) wrote: For Willem Dafoe, I would consider seeing this one.

Greg W (ag) wrote: the only good thing about this B sci-fi cheapie is that its only 70 minutes long

Jos M (de) wrote: An entertaining and charming film with catchy songs

Matthew M (ru) wrote: The Rock's best performance by far. Even though it is a tad cliched, Gridiron Gang is a true story of second chances and redemption. Highly worth watching.

Sean D (ca) wrote: Another boring shark film from SyFy the first of two to arrive in 2015 that has continuous personal family issues. The film randomly or not so randomly because everyone and their mom has to star in some SyFy at some point in time in their career or end of career, Cassie Steele, best known as Mannie or Manuela from the early seasons of Degrassi 4. It's a pretty bland film and the ending is cool. The film turns very dark near the end with some unexpected deaths, the very end of the film is morbid. Nothing special or very exciting about this one.