Spy of Orange

Spy of Orange

Previously unknown terrorist Bruno von Lippe blackmails the Dutch government with explosions until a bizarrely petty ransom is paid. It's to be delivered by would be-couturier François van ...

Previously unknown terrorist Bruno von Lippe blackmails the Dutch government with explosions until a bizarrely petty ransom is paid. It's to be delivered by would be-couturier François van ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Aaron M (au) wrote: Brilliant acting, terrific directing, and a heart-touching story really make Mysterious Skin one of the greatest movies I've ever seen.

Harry W (br) wrote: Agent Cody Banks was cool when I was a kid because I remember I was a fan of Malcolm in the Middle and Lizzie McGuire, so an action comedy featuring the leads from both these shows would be ideal for my enjoyment and at the time it was.Looking back on it now, it still isn't that bad.I mean, of course the plot is really childish and the script is built off every cliche American kids movie in existence, but it's ideas are fun and well intended, and it's obviously directed at the kids market, but the way they handle the action sequences and the spy themes are fairly well executed for a film of this calibre, and blend well into the teenage setting. Somehow, the backdrop of a childish teenage romantic story against Mission Impossible-style themes seem to function beneath the stupidity and supply some kind of entertainment for viewers willing to embrace the stupidity, and luckily I still have that part of me active.Some of the acting was fairly good for the standards set and Frankie Muniz and Hilary Duff pretty much play alternative versions of their famous TV characters, and so fans of them who are the most likely audiences of Agent Cody Banks. The rest of the cast was pretty crap though.So all in all, underneath to obvious stupidity of Agent Cody Banks, there is a certain level of enjoyment that may be had by certain viewers, and I was somewhat happy to be one of them.

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Barry H (jp) wrote: Lovely well written movie that is just a little predictable but still nice!

David M (au) wrote: It sucks so bad it rocks.

Private U (mx) wrote: German gays can be funny, who would have said so.

Chris C (kr) wrote: Though humorous to a certain extent throughout, Suburban Commando is a forgettable scifi-comedy gem with a post-Rocky II role as a space warrior by Hulk Hogan and features the unfortunately wasted talent of Christopher Lloyd following the success of the Back To The Future franchise.

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JUSTIN A (ag) wrote: About time somebody came up with something different. My wife turned to me and asked, "How does someone even conjure this up in there head" not the best movie but, personally loved the retro theme to it.

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