Spy Sorge

Spy Sorge

The life of Richard Sorge.

  • Rating:
    4.00 out of 5
  • Length:127 minutes
  • Release:2003
  • Language:Japanese
  • Reference:Imdb
  • Keywords:spy,  

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Spy Sorge torrent reviews

Sujata S (us) wrote: Riveting! I had gone in with not too high expectations but was pleasantly surprised. John Abraham needs to be given more challenging roles.

Paul W (nl) wrote: Unpredictable, unique and genre-hopping super-hero/disaster/music biog from Japan. Recommend desu!

David G (mx) wrote: A dark, poetic and twisted story about a boy and his vampire. A truely great Holywood remake that does it absolutely right.

Daisuke A (gb) wrote: Me parecio interesante, si acaso algunos simbolismos, un tanto superficial sin ondar en nada especifico, hasta cierto tipo una historia simple y triste. Nada espectacularmente facinante.

Akshay M (ag) wrote: Black book is entertaining, sexy, melodramatic, violent and reviting tale of a jewish woman's survival in nazi occupied holland during world war 2. It was extremely well crafted, fast paced and intelligently written dutch thriller with some good suspense in the end.

Jossue A (kr) wrote: It is hideous. Watch it for the lulz and to make fun of the bad acting only.

Ciara B (kr) wrote: Didn't watch all of it. Boring.

Carlos S (nl) wrote: Bertolucci at his finest. This movie catapulted Liv Tyler to international stardom.

Daniel V (ag) wrote: Earnest performances, beautiful cinematography and an unforgettable James Horner score highlight this period piece and make it a must see even if it doesn't fulfill its promise by wallowing in melodrama.

Vish G (ca) wrote: Atmospheric, brooding. Nicely done.

John B (nl) wrote: Funny and entertaining Story line about the sheep that go to town and the adventures they have to get back home again. Looking forward to the sequel

Dave R (fr) wrote: It was pretty dumb in fact I laughed maybe a few times but then I was like what come on did you have to spoof Fast and Furious it's a silly movie dumb humor it was alright

Kenneth J (br) wrote: all time favorite movie. classic horror