Square Dance

Square Dance

An awkward 13-year-old (Winona Ryder) leaves her cranky grandfather (Jason Robards) in rural Texas, to live with her mother (Jane Alexander) in Fort Worth.

Gemma is 13 years old lives with her grandpa in the country, she has for many years. One day her mother shows up, and wants to take Gemma to the city. Her mother is married now, and can ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Richard R (mx) wrote: For the first time in a long while Skinwalker Ranch actually does provide a few scares. it has an interesting concept, a dark menacing presence and a strange mystery to boot. it tends towards the silly by the end and falls into the usual trap of having shaky camera work and people screaming so you cant tell whats going on.

David S (br) wrote: Not enough action, but otherwise not half bad.

Sylwia J (ag) wrote: I really want to see this movie. seems really interesting o:

Jim H (br) wrote: Ayed Morrar organizes a Gandhi-esque resistance to Israeli expansion into Palestine.This powerful documentary captures the strength of the Palestinian people and serves as a welcome response to those critics who argue that the Palestinians exclusively resist their colonization through violence. Morrar emerges as a simple, honest, and austere man, and though the film drags at times, the overall message rings resoundingly.Overall, it's good to see a positive story of resistance coming from this area of intractable differences.

Kealie V (br) wrote: Utterly astounding, and beautifulThe music is to die for, as always :D

Dennis R (ru) wrote: It's get one star because of the actor who played Billy was cute.That's the ONLY good thing about this movie. Everything else sucked SO much. The story seemed like a good idea, but the actors were terrible!Avoid this movie if you can.

Justin A (nl) wrote: The first half hour was interesting, but it got boring fast. Instead of just presenting facts it seemed to lean more to one side. I liked what it was saying at first, but after a while it just wore thin on me.

Jeff B (nl) wrote: Good story, directing, and cast.

Nicki M (ag) wrote: Still a cute film years later. One of Alicia's best

Ralph R (nl) wrote: Obama, McCain, or Clinton are likely to be terrible presidents just like this film is probably going to be a piece of crap as well.

kwanjana k (gb) wrote: Two reasons to watch this movie...(1) The lead babe is hot.(2) The cars are nice.

Nadia C (jp) wrote: I saw it on an Italian channel (La 7).It was a quite funny movie...I didn't know the actor who was playing Nikolai is Sean Connery's son...

Paritosh H (gb) wrote: Kiarostami usually put a serious message about the film's core heart .In this film while Hassan was talking with the director about why he was not interested to marry an illiterate woman and why rich should marry poor....that message is simply excellent. The poetic transformation of an earthquake ravaged landscape into a most beautiful place on earth is his signature style and for this we can place Kiarostami on the top of all greatest directors.

Camille L (de) wrote: Rien de bien transcendant dans cette comedie sans pretention, troisieme opus de la saga de la PANTHERE ROSE. ALAN ARKIN remplace PETER SELLERS sans demeriter. Malheureusement, le scenario est indigent et les gags sont mediocres. Heureusement, la mise en scene est assez alerte pour sauver les meubles. Moyen.

Omar M (es) wrote: A great sixties new-wavy British film about a young man whose a vivid dreamer and pathological liar. Also stars young 60s Julie Christie, who is a force of nature. An early John Schlesinger film. Great.

Matt H (us) wrote: I imagine this was very hard-hitting at the time; due to the destruction Germany inflicted on the world, I'm thinking very few at the time cared to see the aftermath and misery Germany endured after the war. It's also interesting seeing this from an Italian perspective; Rossellini, coming from a country also dealing with its war past, feels to be saying "this could have also been us." Italy surely didn't come out of the war unscathed, but Germany's fate could ended up Italy's.

James W (au) wrote: An under-rated film with a great cast , good cameos and decent visual effects.

Eli R (ag) wrote: I must say that your have to be Jewish to truly understand this movies wit.

Grant S (de) wrote: Had heaps of potential but squanders most of it.The story of Jimi Hendrix's rise to fame, from playing in other people's bands in the US in 1966 to making a name for himself in London in 1966/7. Stops just short of his famous Monterey Pop Festival performance.Interesting from an historical and biographical perspective and had a lot of potential in that regard. However, much of this is wasted through silly, pointless sub-plots and lame, pretentious directing and editing. Instead of just telling the story, writer-director John Ridley throws in random cuts and scenes that go nowhere and add nothing to the movie.All this unnecessary stuff ruins not only the focus of the movie, but also the pacing. The movie starts stutteringly enough but at a point seems to get into a groove. At this point you think it is about to get better, but soon you have one of the random distractions, wrecking the flow. And so it goes for the entire movie. As soon as you have a meaty, interesting passage of play it is derailed by something frivolous. Makes it incredibly difficult to get into the movie, and is very frustrating.On the upside, the performances are pretty good. Andrew Benjamin (Andre 3000) does a good job as Hendrix, capturing his mannerisms, speech and general outlook quite well. Good support from Hayley Atwell as his psycho girlfriend and Imogen Poots as Linda Keith.