At the beginning of the film, we learn from one of the characters that earthworms can be called to the surface with electricity, but somehow it turns them into vicious flesh-eaters. Sure enough, a storm that night causes some power lines to break and touch the ground, drawing millions of man-eating worms out of the earth, and into town where they quickly start munching on the locals.

A small and peaceful town of Georgia is suddenly overwhelmed with strange-squirm worms. The worms is bloodthirsty and try to burrow right into people's skin and kill and crunch their body. The terrified locals must find the cause of the rampage and handle it before they are all death. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


Squirm torrent reviews

Lois G (fr) wrote: When the hell are they gonna release this thing? I thought it was gonna be in September in the States!

Dalen D (kr) wrote: Every Chihuahua and Poodle on the planet will feel disgraced by this rock bottom film.

Chloe L (us) wrote: a weird one....very Tadanobu Asano kind of movie...

Kyle K (au) wrote: eh. it's nothing special.

Darwin K (jp) wrote: may b direct2dvd script & direction, but.had some moments.

April N (au) wrote: David Arquette surprised me with a heart-wrenching performance. A grim and grey film that sadly is true. Definitely not a date movie.

Darrin C (au) wrote: This one is making the franchise fairly tiring and I really only liked it for Richard Prior. Still, a solid story, but pacing was off while trying to be too funny (with Prior) and it just begins to get old.

Garrett C (us) wrote: This late era Ford film catches flak for being a sort of a rehash of The Searchers, but it's different enough that it stands alone as being a fine film despite. The performances are masterful, Ford's direction is great per usual, and the film is perhaps even darker than The Searchers.

Matt M (mx) wrote: Mizoguchi's period drama chooses an intimate style of photography to convey the perfectly crafted multi-layered story of human suffering and familial reconciliation which intelligently deals with elements such as religion, poverty and Japanese history. The final result is an emotionally wrenching film that takes a close and understanding look at the human condition.

Lawrence u (ca) wrote: Shirley Tample even was in the movie with a boat in it.

Bruno L (es) wrote: Pretty good. Great special effects. Good story, a lil slow here and there, but its not horrible. Entertaining but dated. Doesn't hold up like some other old movies.