Sr. Pig

Sr. Pig

A kind, broke and dying man , whose best pal is a beautiful pig named Howard , needs to find him a new loving home before he dies. He has what he thinks is the solution in Mexico and drives there with Howard only to see he will be horribly mistreated like all the other pigs waiting to be slaughtered. A great lesson in the sentience of animals, human connection and humanity. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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mubeen m (it) wrote: Starts off at one place and ends in another. A dull script injected with good music & some performance. Shruti should have been given a bit more space to perform rather than crying.

David P (br) wrote: Loved this film . A sweet story of two best friends on college summer break that result in the coming out of one's father .

Simone W (ca) wrote: I've been looking for this movie everywhere for about 5 months and STILL can't find it. I don't care to see it anymore.Finally found it on Netflix, but it's in French w/English subtitles. Arg!!!!!! Maybe I'll get around to reading it!

JoEy M (us) wrote: Looks unique, but sorta cmic-like. Not my kinda thing - sorry.

Tiffany D (br) wrote: I can't believe it took me over two decades to see this one... and I have a feeling, had I seen it back in my early teens, I'd have liked it more. As it is, it was very slow and predictable... BUT~~~ the last 10 mins or so completely made it worth the watch. Not so much scary as hilarious, but certainly one of my new favorite genre killers arrived on the scene for the big finale. 3 stars

Epi L (us) wrote: The prequel to "Zulu", Cy Endfield's classic 1964 film, "Zulu Dawn" stars Burt Lancaster and Peter O'Toole as Commanders of the British army who underestimate the power of the Zulu warriors at the battle of Isandlwana. As British forces numbering close to 8,000 naively try to enforce their power upon the South African Kingdom, the Zulus numbering over 20,000 use their battlefield techniques to separate, out-maneuver, and overwhelm their opponents before claiming victory over the Royal Forces on January 22, 1879. Directed by Douglas Hickox from a screenplay by Endfield (who also wrote the script to his 1964 film), "Zulu Dawn" captures the overconfidence and incompetent leadership of the British army that would lead to one of the most stunning defeats in its history.

Charles P (kr) wrote: I guess there's a story in here, forbidden romance, sailing ships, but it seems to mostly be about Vivian Leigh, standing there in various get-ups and emoting variously. Kind of like Rory Calhoun.

Miguel R (gb) wrote: One of the finest of the silent era, Nosferatu remains an influence to the horror genre thanks to its gritty feel and creepy performance by Max Schreck that still delivers some chills even after many years!!!

Gavin S (nl) wrote: An interesting look into the real story of Solomon Northrop, a free black, being sold into slavery.

Rob D (br) wrote: Great fun, relatable representation of high school years, and a brilliant soundtrack. Also quite funny to see how several Hollywood A-listers made their break.

Mark B (jp) wrote: It's one of the best worst film ever made.The James Cann version was perfect, you just can't remake something that good. The only positive thing about that movie Rebecca Romijn's Russian assent, looking at her topless. .. sexy, I would watch that movie just to see her.