Sri Venkateswara Mahatmyam

Sri Venkateswara Mahatmyam


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JuanKa P (jp) wrote: Michelle Williams es Marilyn Monroe. La actriz va a filmar una pelcula en Inglaterra donde conocer a un joven asistente de director, Collin Clark (Eddie Redmayne) quien quiere hacerse camino en el mundo del cine. En la filmacin de la pelcula 'El prncipe y la corista', la actuacin de Sir Laurence Olivier (Kenneth Branagh) se vuelve una presin constante para Marilyn que no llega a los niveles actorales de Olivier, no obstante su carisma de eterna diva la ayudar para salir adelante. Ingenua, caprichosa, bella, desenfadada, desordenada, ' a beautiful mess', Marilyn conjugar todos los elementos para una 'femme fatale' que deja rastros de lo mucho que sufro en su infancia y adolescencia. Marilyn parece haber encontrado el verdadero amor en la figura de Collin Clark. Basada en una historia de la vida real. Con las actuaciones de Judi Dench, Julia Ormond y Emma Watson.

Erwin M (br) wrote: muy recomendable, la historia, actuaciones, lugares y contexto son buensimos.

Nagarjuna K (es) wrote: Underrated movie. Its a great watch when you have nothing else to do.

Mike H (it) wrote: this movie was so far off base, did you see the laptops and google screen, flat screen tv's and the music,the acting and the script were bad enough,lets hope they learned something from this mess, don't repeat it. mike

Brad S (nl) wrote: Almost worth it for just Tara Reid pre-botched boob job.

Daphne P (it) wrote: It has some slow spots and unless you are familiar with the time period and the historical bit of it then you would understand it better. I enjoyed Mr. Rickman's performance just the same and he commands the screen yet again with grace and brilliance!

Smashproplaya (br) wrote: Only flaw is it's too long, but everything else is perfection

Simona (us) wrote: It'd be nice to see a non-cartoon version.

Greg W (us) wrote: Peyton Place, with its myriad plot threads and cast of characters is a rollicking good yarn with obvious melodramatic tensions borne from some very juicy themes.

Rhett P (kr) wrote: William Hurt was brilliant in this, loved the tone and the look of the film, it was alive onscreen.

Peter W (ca) wrote: This film was one of those unfortunate few that even though it had a-lot of elements that made a great story but sadly it did not deliver. Jim Caviezel was my reason for watching this film as I think he is a very underrated actor and most likely my favourite actor. The film lost some of its budget while in production which you can see in this film in CGI and costume. Though saying this, its done a great job with what it had! But i feel it was just too big for what was spent to create it. The Outlander tells a tale like many before it fighting an unknown enemy while trying to make up for past mistakes. If you love action/SciFi i suggest watching this film as its great to add to the collection. It is a great escapism to say the least.

Ian C (kr) wrote: Brilliant movie. Touching